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Malaysia SIRIM certification - e-cigarette regulations and standard description


Malaysia SIRIM certification - e-cigarette regulations and standard description

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Regulatory Background:

Local manufacturers and importers of e-cigarettes are now required to apply for SIRIM certification and labelling after the Federal Government gazetted the Electronic Cigarette Equipment Trade Descriptions (Certification and Labelling) Order 2022 under the Trade Descriptions Act 2011. Trade Descriptions(Certification and Marking of Electronic Cigarette Device) Order 2022, Release Date: 2022.03.31, Effective Date: 2022.08.03.

The relevant Order is that the Minister is exercising the powers conferred by Section 29 of the Trade Descriptions Act 2011 [Act 730] to require electronic cigarette information labels and related certifications.

Trade Descriptions 
Informative marking and certification orders
29. ( 1 ) Where it appears to the Minister necessary or expedient in the interest of persons to whom any goods or any services in relation to that goods are supplied that the goods should be( a ) certified by a competent authority b ) marked with a mark determined by the Minister : or( c ) accompanied by any information ( whether or not amounting to or including a trade description ) or instruction relating to the goods


Regulation objects:

The definition of "electronic cigarette device" refers to the Malaysian Standard MS2716 – Electronic cigarette device – Safety requirements and test methods.

"spare part" - means any interchangeable part of an electronic cigarette device;

Electronic cigarettes, and any replaceable parts of related electronic components, are within the scope of this order, excluding related E-liquids.


Competent authority:

For the purpose of this order, SIRIM QAS International Sdn.Bhd. shall be the competent authority referred to in subsection 29(3) of the Act to certify and issue the marking of electronic cigarette devices or accessories in compliance with Malaysian Standard MS 2716.

Note: the bill is trade description act 2011;

(3) For the purpose of this section, “competent authority " means a competent authority named by the Minister after obtaining the agreement of the competent authority.



Apply for certification:

(1) Anyone who supplies or offers to supply any electronic cigarette device or accessory shall apply to the competent authority for certification of the electronic cigarette device or accessory;

(2) Electronic cigarette devices or accessories as described in (2).

Subsection (1) shall read:—

(a) certified by the competent authority to comply with Malaysian Standard MS 2716; and (b) marked with the SIRIM mark as specified in the Schedule.


Marking of electronic cigarette equipment or accessories:

Any electronic cigarette device or part required to be marked in accordance with subsection 4(2)(b) shall be marked by affixing the marking specified in the Schedule in a conspicuous position:—

(a) an electronic cigarette device or accessory; or (b) anything that provides an electronic cigarette device or accessory.


Authentication Mode:

Type 5 or Type 1b



Type 5 certification mode is full test procedure, obtain product certification; Local manufacturer and Foreign manufacturer apply for related product certification scheme (type 5); there are related factory audit requirements, including related factory QC requirements.




Type 1b is a batch certification scheme, a batch certification program; Not a full type test is not a full project type test, confirmatory test/partial test confirmatory partial test, confirm related imported products and related full test report in the full project test report The claims are consistent.




MS 2716:2019 requires that:



A. components parts requirements:

Battery: Meet the relevant MS IEC 62133-2;

Charger: Meets relevant MS IEC 60950-1;

USB ports: Complies with relevant MS IEC 60950-1.

Note: The relevant components follow the requirements of electricity supply act

B. Electronic control units (ECU) electronic control unit:

1. Automatic cut-off automatic cut off;

2. Child lock related requirements;

3. Automatic sleep Automatic sleep.

Relevant requirements require standard design, and need to pass the functional test of MS 2716.

C. Safety test safety test:

1. Drop test, follow the relevant test requirements of MS IEC 62133:2017, 1m drop, pay attention to the direction and related compliance requirements;

2. External short circuit test, following the corresponding test requirements of relevant MS IEC 62133:2017;

3. Risk of burns, temperature rise test under normal working conditions, normal heating of metal parts, plastic parts and related rubber parts needs to follow the temperature rise test;

4. Mechanical test, mechanical test, including related e-liquid overflow test, mechanical assembly test in accordance with UL 1439, sealing performance test, vibration test (XYZ three directions, 10-55Hz, 90min in each direction), impact test.

D. chemical test, cigarette holder related to chemical test should be food grade

E. EMC test, the electronic cigarette device meets the requirements of IEC 61000-6-1 and IEC 61000-6-3

F. wireless connectivity test, meet relevant TC T007:2014

G. functional test, functional test, for related functions and ECU unit requirements; including ON/OFF function, auto cut-off system, auto shut down, anti-overcharged; other temperature or power control system temperature and power control system or other functional confirmation.

H. Marking, labeling and package

Marking, labelling and packaging devices for cigarettes shall be clearly and durably marked with the following information, which shall be placed on the prescribed modules:

a) the manufacturer's name, trademark or identification mark, which may be reproduced on removable parts;

b) model;

c) Voltage (V), Current (mAh) and Power (W): and

d) This Malaysian Standard Number.