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Electronic cigarette management measures and national standards will be implemented soon


Electronic cigarette management measures and national standards will be implemented soon

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On March 11, 2022, the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration announced the "Administrative Measures for Electronic Cigarettes"; on April 8, the State Administration for Market Regulation (National Standardization Administration) issued the national standard for "Electronic Cigarettes". On April 13, the State Administration for Market Regulation and relevant departments of the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration answered relevant questions of public concern.

In this issue, we extract some key information from the answers issued by the relevant national authorities to analyze how to better meet the national policy requirements for stakeholders.


object of supervision

a. Electronic cigarettes, atomizers, nicotine for electronic cigarettes and other new tobacco products have all been brought into the scope of supervision;

b. Electronic cigarettes include pods, smoking sets, and products sold in combination with pods and smoking sets;

c. Prohibit the sale of flavored e-cigarettes other than tobacco flavors and e-cigarettes that can add atomizers by themselves, and include e-cigarette products that do not contain nicotine into the scope of supervision;

d. Heated cigarettes have been included in cigarette management. At present, my country has not approved heated cigarettes for sale in China, and no market entity is allowed to illegally operate heated cigarettes.


Regulatory measures

a. Implement license management for production, wholesale and retail market entities;

b. Strict quality control, and establish a management system for technical review, sampling and traceability of electronic cigarette products;

c. Implement sales channel management. Establish a unified national e-cigarette transaction management platform, and incorporate e-cigarette-related business activities into platform management. E-cigarette product manufacturers and e-cigarette brand owners that have obtained tobacco monopoly licenses in accordance with the law shall sell e-cigarette products to e-cigarette wholesale enterprises through the e-cigarette transaction management platform;

d. The transportation of electronic cigarettes, vaping products, nicotine for electronic cigarettes, etc. shall be subject to the supervision of the administrative department of tobacco monopoly;

e. The administrative department of tobacco monopoly of the State Council shall conduct pre-examination on the initial public offering and listing of electronic cigarette manufacturers, atomizer manufacturers and electronic cigarette nicotine manufacturers at home and abroad;

f. Supervise and manage the import and export trade of electronic cigarettes and foreign economic and technological cooperation in accordance with the law, improve management measures, optimize work processes, and serve the export of electronic cigarettes that meet relevant requirements.


Official release of national standards for electronic cigarettes

On April 8, 2022, the State Administration for Market Regulation (Standard Committee) released the mandatory national standard GB 41700-2022 "Electronic Cigarettes". The standard contents mainly include:

a. Clarified terms and definitions related to electronic cigarettes and atomizers;

b. Put forward principle requirements for the design of electronic cigarettes and the selection of raw materials;

c. Put forward clear technical requirements for electronic cigarettes, atomizers and emissions, and provide supporting test methods;

d. Provisions are made for the signs and instructions of electronic cigarette products.


Technical characteristics of national standards for electronic cigarettes

a. It is stipulated that e-cigarettes are "electronic delivery systems used to generate aerosols for human smoking, etc.", and e-cigarettes without nicotine are included in the definition of e-cigarettes;

b. The standard clearly stipulates that the characteristic flavor of the product should not show other flavors than tobacco, and clearly requires that "aerosols should contain nicotine", and electronic cigarette products without nicotine shall not be sold in the market;

c. According to the principle of use of additives, the standard clearly lists 101 kinds of additives that are allowed to be used, and is included in the "white list" of additives.


Implementation date

a. The "Measures for the Administration of Electronic Cigarettes" will come into force on May 1, 2022;

b. The national standard for "E-cigarettes" will be implemented from October 1, 2022;

c. The transition period ends on September 30, 2022.



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