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Standard update | Australian plug and socket standard AS NZS 3112 is about to be enforced


Standard update | Australian plug and socket standard AS NZS 3112 is about to be enforced

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Release time:

The Australian plug and socket standard AS/NZS 3112:2017+A1:2021 will be enforced in June 2022.


新版本相比旧版本特别需要关注的是Appendix J的要求变化。

Appendix J: Integral or detachable plug portions of equipment for insertion into socket-outlets.


1. The general requirements of J 4.1 General test are modified as follows



For equipment with removable plug parts, the evaluation of Tests 2, 3, 5, 10 and 11 of Table J1 shall be carried out in the following two cases—

(a) Assembly equipment for connecting removable plug parts;

(b) The part of the removable plug after separation from the device.



2. J4.3 Mechanical Strength



J4.3.1 Barrel Test

The first paragraph of the original sentence was deleted and changed to:

The drum test is used to determine the mechanical strength of plug parts and equipment with integral or removable plug parts.

For devices with removable plug parts, the removable plug part may come off during testing. If this happens, the removable plug portion should be reassembled with the device while the pins are straightened.

Add at the end of this paragraph:

Compliance is checked in accordance with the requirements of Section J4.3.3.


J4.3.2 Shock test (new requirement)

Plug parts and equipment with integral plug parts or removable plug parts shall be able to withstand lateral impact forces.

All samples subjected to the tests of Section J4.3.1 shall be tested as follows:

(a) The sample shall be placed in the center of a steel plate with a thickness of at least 6 mm. The holes on the steel plate for the plug pins to pass through should conform to the corresponding socket standards. Clamp all the pins with clips to fix the sample on the steel plate;

(b) Impact the specimen by any means with an impact energy of 1.0 ± 0.05 J using a spring impact test apparatus as described in Section 8.8.2 of AS/NZS 3100;



(c) Three shocks shall be applied at each point most likely to directly or indirectly stress the sealed joint of the specimen, and compliance shall be checked in accordance with J4.3.3.


J4.3.3 Specific Compliance Criteria (new requirement)

This paragraph provides specific compliance criteria for passing tests of Sections J4.3.1 and J4.3.2.

For devices with integral plug parts, the evaluation shall be performed on the integral device.

For equipment with removable plug parts, the following shall be evaluated—

(a) The removable plug portion is assembled with the device;

(b) The part of the removable plug after separation from the device.

After each test, the sample shall not show damage affecting safety, live parts shall not be exposed, and shall comply with the requirements of AS/NSZ 3100 Sections 5.1 and 5.2.2;

After each test, internal conductive materials or conductive parts must not come off or loosen to avoid a hazardous situation.

NOTE: Special care should be taken to separate any live parts from exposed metal parts or low voltage parts from extra low voltage parts.


J4.8.2 Detachable contact structure for equipment input current exceeding 0.2 A

Delete the second paragraph and replace it with:

Additional requirements for rewirable plugs: For connections intended for pins, contact should be made on two diametrically opposed surfaces unless a single spring assisted contact is used. Contacts should not be entirely dependent on the elasticity of the contact material and should have surfaces other than thermoplastic or elastomeric insulating materials. The positioning and contact characteristics of the contacts shall be independent of the terminal screws. The effectiveness of the contacts should be unaffected by the stress of any thermoplastic or elastic molding.


Applicable product categories:

General power adapter




Power Adapter with Removable Plug Section:


USB charging head:



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