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Changing Requirements in Victoria


Changing Requirements in Victoria

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Energy Safe in Victoria recently made some announcements about law changes in their State which relate to the EESS and how the RCM is used.
维州的能源安全部门近期发布了一些公告,对该州的法律作出了一些调整,这些调整涉及 EESS 体系及RCM 标志的使用。
The major change is that from October 1, Victoria will only accept certificates issued under the RECS certification system. SAA is a RECS certifier.
其中主要的变更为,从10 月1 号开始,维州将只接受RECS 认证体系下颁发的证书。SAA 具有RECS 的认证资质。
This is not a problem at all for SAA customers. The Victorian regulator has clearly signalled this change over a long period of time and SAA is completely ready for it.
We have been issuing RECS certificates for some time and we will simply switch over our customers to the RECS system over the next few months.
这一变更对于SAA 的客户来说完全不是问题。维州监管委员会在很久之前已经清楚地释放出了这个信号,很显然SAA 已经完全准备好了。我司已经颁发了RECS 证书有一段时间了,未来的几个月,将只需要帮客户顺利过渡到RECS 体系即可。
If you already have an SAA certificate, it is completely unaffected by this announcement and will continue to be accepted throughout Australia and New Zealand, as per our JAS-ANZ accreditation. The change only affects new certificates issued from 1 October. All certificates issued up until 1 October are unaffected and will be uploaded to the database.
如果你已经拥有了一份SAA 的证书,那么完全不受该公告的影响,您的证书仍然在整个澳大利亚和新西兰被接受, 正如我们的JAZ-ANZ 资质所决定的。这一变更仅仅影响从10月1 号开始颁发的新证书。所有10 月1 号之前颁发的证书都不受影响,并将被上传到数据库。
There is absolutely nothing to worry about as the Victorian Government has taken steps to ensure minimum disruption for certificate holders with generous transition times and SAA have worked closely with them to ensure that our certificates will continue to be valid in all States and New Zealand.
很显然,对于此次变更,我们没有什么需要担心的。因为维州政府已经采取措施以确保该项变更对证书持有者带来最小的冲击,并给出了充足的过渡时间。SAA 将一如既往地和政府部门保持紧密联系以确保我们的证书在整个澳大利亚和新西兰继续有效。
The main new requirements of the new system are that the test report covers the current Australian standard. This can be an older version if there is a published
transition period in the standard. The other major new requirement is that family model numbers cannot be used. This will take some time to adjust to, but our competent administration team can help you with your model listings to save cost.
新系统的主要新要求就是测试报告必须涵盖了当前最新的澳大利亚标准。如果某标准的最新版本有一段公开使用过渡期, 那么旧版本还是可以接受的。另一个重大调整是家族产品型号将不能再使用。对于这一变更您必将花费一段时间来适应,我们的行政部门可以帮助您整理产品清单,以寻求到最经济的方法。
立讯解读:按照Equipment Safety Rules 相关条款,另一个重大调整是在数据库登记注册时,将不能再使用家族产品型号(如LCS-69ZX Series, ‘Z’ denotes output voltage and can be ‘28-50’ for 2.8-5.0Vdc; ‘X’ denotes ……),而需要列出具体型号.