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Global Resources Hong Kong Electronics Show Lixun Testing is looking forward to your arrival in 2019!


Global Resources Hong Kong Electronics Show Lixun Testing is looking forward to your arrival in 2019!

Shenzhen Lixun Testing Co., Ltd.
Release time:

Time: 11-14 April 2019

Venue: Hong Kong Asia International Expo (Hong Kong Airport)

Exhibition Hall No. 2

Booth number: 2H12

Shenzhen Lixun Testing Co., Ltd.




Shenzhen Lixun Testing Co., Ltd. (LCS) was founded in 2004, and has successfully listed the new three-board (stock name: Lixun Testing, stock code: 871117). Lixun Testing has been established for 15 years and is committed to providing one-stop product testing and certification services for customers. At present, it has established branches in Xixiang, Gongming, Shajing, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Shanghai and Ningbo, respectively. And in Shenzhen Xixiang, Shenzhen Gongming, Shenzhen Shajing, Guangzhou, Ningbo and other places to establish five testing bases, in each testing base has established 16 large-scale testing laboratories, mainly electromagnetic compatibility, wireless radio frequency, product safety, new energy batteries, energy efficiency performance, lighting, automotive electronics, environmental reliability, chemistry and other laboratories, the current staff of more than 460 people. Among them, technology accounts for 50%.

LCS laboratory services cover a wide range of areas, including electronic appliances, household appliances, automotive electronics, wireless, lighting, information, audio and video, switch sockets, batteries, toys, children's products, food, environment (water, air, soil, etc.), textiles, shoes, machinery and other product categories.

As a professional private third-party testing and certification service-oriented national high-tech enterprise, LCS has obtained more than 20 authoritative certification authorizations, such as CNAS, CMA, NVLAP, A2AL, CPSC, IC, EMSD, VCCI, NATA, SABS, KOSTEC, lNSPECCO, Emark, TUV, EMCC, PHOENIX, KTC, ITS, NEMKO, SAA, UL and so on. It is a trustworthy third-party professional testing and certification platform.


[Introduction to the Exhibition]

The world's largest electronics procurement exhibition, the Global Resources Electronics Exhibition, will open on April 11, 2019 at the Hong Kong Asia International Exhibition Hall. The exhibition will be divided into two stages: Consumer Electronics Exhibition and Mobile Electronics Exhibition. As the flagship of the World Resources Fair, the World Resources Electronics Fair will bring together more than 7,500 exhibitors from Greater China, South Korea and other Asian regions.

[Display Range]

Phase I: Consumer Electronics Show

Time: 11-14 April 2019

Scope of Exhibits: Household, Outdoor and Automotive Electronic Products - Latest Audio Products and Smart Home Products

Phase II: Mobile Electronics Exhibition

Time: 18-21 April 2019

Exhibits: Mobile devices, AR/VR products, wearable products and mobile electronic accessories

Exhibits include consumer electronics exhibitions (home electronics, computer and computer peripherals, VR and competitive equipment, outdoor electronics, commercial electronics, on-board electronics, etc.), intelligent life exhibitions (intelligent security products, intelligent lighting and energy management, intelligent entertainment products, intelligent innovative products, etc.), mobile electronics exhibitions (smart phones and tablets, VR&AR, mobile accessories, smart wear, etc.) and gifts. Home Furniture Exhibition.

During the exhibition, we will send exquisite gifts. Welcome to the 2H12 booth of Pavilion 2. Let's work together to witness the wonderful moment of the Global Resources Hong Kong Electronic Products Exhibition in 2019.