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The Hong Kong Spring Electronics Show in 2019 is open for inspection and you are welcome to join us in the exhibition!


The Hong Kong Spring Electronics Show in 2019 is open for inspection and you are welcome to join us in the exhibition!

Shenzhen Lixun Testing Co., Ltd.
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Time: 13-16 April 2019

Venue: Wanchai Convention and Exhibition Center

Pavilion number: 3B-E

Booth number: 3CON-135

Shenzhen Lixun Testing Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Lixun Testing Co., Ltd. (LCS) was founded in 2004, and has successfully listed the new three-board (stock name: Lixun Testing, stock code: 871117). Lixun Testing has been established for 15 years and is committed to providing one-stop product testing and certification services for customers. At present, it has established branches in Xixiang, Gongming, Shajing, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Shanghai and Ningbo, respectively. And in Shenzhen Xixiang, Shenzhen Gongming, Shenzhen Shajing, Guangzhou, Ningbo and other places to establish five testing bases, in each testing base has established 16 large-scale testing laboratories, mainly electromagnetic compatibility, wireless radio frequency, product safety, new energy batteries, energy efficiency performance, lighting, automotive electronics, environmental reliability, chemistry and other laboratories, the current staff of more than 460 people. Among them, technology accounts for 50%.

LCS laboratory services cover a wide range of areas, including electronic appliances, household appliances, automotive electronics, wireless, lighting, information, audio and video, switch sockets, batteries, toys, children's products, food, environment (water, air, soil, etc.), textiles, shoes, machinery and other product categories.

As a professional private third-party testing and certification service-oriented national high-tech enterprise, LCS has obtained more than 20 authoritative certification authorizations, such as CNAS, CMA, NVLAP, A2AL, CPSC, IC, EMSD, VCCI, NATA, SABS, KOSTEC, lNSPECCO, Emark, TUV, EMCC, PHOENIX, KTC, ITS, NEMKO, SAA, UL and so on. It is a trustworthy third-party professional testing and certification platform.




[Introduction to the Exhibition]

As the largest electronic exhibition in the world, the Hong Kong Spring Electronic Products Exhibition attracts exhibitors from all over the world. Its electronic products include audio-visual, multimedia, digital images, household appliances, communications and electronic accessories. It is recognized as one of the largest and most influential global electronic exhibitions in the world.

[Display Range]

1. Brand Gallery: Digital Entertainment, Electronic Products, Home Science and Technology, Power Equipment and Accessories, Wireless and Communication

3-D Printing: 3-D Printer, 3-D Printer Consumables, 3-D Printing Materials

3. Audio-visual products: radio, amplifier, CD player, videotube TV, digital audio system, Discman, video recorder, DVD hard disk camera, earphone, electronic musical instrument, etc.

4. Connected home: alarm, anti-theft alarm system, power switch button new product index, electronic lock, energy and charging facilities, energy efficiency equipment and system, energy efficiency equipment, products and programs, dimmer, remote control device, door lock, monitoring lens, touch panel controller

5. Digital Image Products: Digital Camera, Digital Camera Frame, Digital Camera, Photo Printer, Photo Sketcher, etc.

6. Environmental protection and energy saving: focused solar photovoltaic products, solar photovoltaic module materials/films, solar cells, solar heaters, solar distribution panels, solar photovoltaic, solar photovoltaic cells, solar photovoltaic cell machines, solar photovoltaic cogeneration systems and software, solar photovoltaic modules and equipment, solar detection and control systems, solar hand Surface cell

7. Electronic Accessories: Batteries, Battery Chargers, Wires and Accessories, Connectors, Converters, Electric Sockets, Measuring Devices, Metal Detectors, Universal Instruments, Power Switch Buttons, etc.

8. Video game products: electric toys, video game consoles, hand-held game consoles, control rods, accessories for video game consoles, etc.

9. Electronic components and production technology: circuit board/PCB assembly, capacitive touch screen panel, wires and cables, motor parts and components, electronic design automation measurement system, general auxiliary operation and production system, integrated circuits, smart phone processors, touch screen glass panels, etc.

10. Bodybuilding products: electric curler, electric curler, ear and nose hair trimmer (electric), fitness bicycle, facial beauty equipment, steamer, hair dryer, nail dryer, nail-dresser, treadmill, etc.

11. Electronic health products: air purifier, alcohol tester, aromatherapy machine, blood sugar tester, blood pressure tester, digital thermometer, electric curler eyelashes, electric shaver, electric curler, etc.

12. Household appliances: air conditioner, air cooler, heater, insecticide, cigar moisturizer, electric coffee machine, dehumidifier, humidifier, electromagnetic oven, iron, juicer, water cooker, etc.

13. Smart Phone/Tablet Computer Accessories: Video and Audio Products Cleaning Supplies, Camera and Camera Bags, Audio/Video Products Box, CD and MD Bags, Electronic Supplies and Camera Bags, Mobile Phone Sets/Mobile Phone Sets, MP3/MP4 Bags, Other Mobile Smart Phones, PDA Bags, Mobile Power Storage, Screen Protection Paste, Smart Phone Accessories, Contactors, Tablet Computer Accessories, etc.

14. Automotive Electronics and Navigation System: Automotive Air Conditioner, Alcohol Tester, Automotive Video and Audio Products Accessories, Automotive Parts, Automotive Lighting, Automotive Battery Charger, Automotive Audio, etc.

15. Mobile and Intelligent Devices: Mobile Smart Phone Devices, Tablet Computers

16. Office automation and equipment: photocopier, counterfeit banknote tester, electronic writing board, glue passing machine, shredder, point-of-sale display equipment and technology, etc.

17. Packaging and Design: Antistatic Packaging Services, Electronic Original Packaging, Gift Packaging, Packaging Design, Packaging Equipment and Systems, Packaging Materials, etc.

18. Personal electronic products: baby monitors, counting machines, cameras, counterfeit money testers, jump clocks, electronic products, electronic notebooks, electronic timers, electronic translators, torches, etc.

19. Security products: access control system, alarm, car anti-theft products, closed-circuit television cameras, closed-circuit television equipment, closed-circuit television, electric door clocks, etc.

20. Telecommunications products: analog wireless telephone, baby monitor, Bluetooth device and accessories, broadcasting equipment, caller display, mobile communication equipment, cable telephone, digital audio broadcasting, etc.

21. Wearable electronic products: activity belt, fitness tracker, headphone gloves, headphone caps, smart glasses, smart watches, wearable camera manufacturers, etc.

22. Inspection and certification services and business services: Chamber of Commerce services and government agencies, electrical and electronic products verification, quality verification advisory services.

During the exhibition, we will send exquisite gifts. Welcome to the 3CON-135 booth of 3B-E Hall. Let's work together to witness the wonderful moment of the Hong Kong Spring Electronic Products Exhibition.