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We are waiting for you at 8B031, Hall 8, at the Shenzhen International Automotive Electronics Technology Exhibition in 2019.


We are waiting for you at 8B031, Hall 8, at the Shenzhen International Automotive Electronics Technology Exhibition in 2019.

Shenzhen Lixun Testing Co., Ltd.
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Time: 9-11 April 2019

Venue: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

Booth number: 8B031, Pavilion 8

Shenzhen Lixun Testing Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Lixun Testing Co., Ltd. (LCS) was founded in 2004, and has successfully listed the new three-board (stock name: Lixun Testing, stock code: 871117). Lixun Testing has been established for 15 years and is committed to providing one-stop product testing and certification services for customers. At present, it has established branches in Xixiang, Gongming, Shajing, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Shanghai and Ningbo, respectively. And in Shenzhen Xixiang, Shenzhen Gongming, Shenzhen Shajing, Guangzhou, Ningbo and other places to establish five testing bases, in each testing base has established 16 large-scale testing laboratories, mainly electromagnetic compatibility, wireless radio frequency, product safety, new energy batteries, energy efficiency performance, lighting, automotive electronics, environmental reliability, chemistry and other laboratories, the current staff of more than 460 people. Among them, technology accounts for 50%.

The EMC Test Laboratory of Automotive Electronics of Lixun Testing Guangzhou Branch, Safety and Regulation Laboratory, Environmental Reliability Laboratory, has advanced 3-metre anechoic chamber of vehicle step-in type, CISPR25 anechoic chamber and more than a dozen test shielding rooms, R&S Rhode and Schwartz brand receivers and radiation measurement antennas, high-voltage artificial network, ETS-Lindgren brand current probe, EM Test brand BCI. Test system, EM Test brand 7637 test system, TESEQ brand ESD simulator and other foreign imported high-end test equipment.

Mainly for domestic and foreign customers: multi-functional car entertainment system, GPS navigation system, car refrigerators, car charging, car inverters, car power amplifiers, reverse rear-view system, reverse radar, car anti-theft system, car tire pressure monitoring system driving motor, ABS system, ECU controller and other automotive electronic products, as well as small household appliances Safety and EMC test certification services; The test capability can meet the requirements of both military and civil standards, including radiation emission, conduction emission current and voltage methods, radiation immunity test, magnetic field immunity test, handheld transmitter immunity test, transient conduction immunity test, transient conduction emission, large current injection, electrostatic discharge test, etc.



[Introduction to the Exhibition]

In order to promote and promote the development of China's automotive electronics and realize the dream of China's automotive power, Shenzhen International Automotive Electronics Technology Exhibition 2019 will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from April 9 to 11, 2019, when the exhibition will bring together more than 500 leading exhibitors around the world to show advanced automotive electronics products to Automotive engineers. At the same time, the organizing committee invited tens of thousands of OEM manufacturers such as Dongfeng, Shenlong, Chang'an, Ford, BYD, SAIC, Geely, GM, FAW, Beiqi, Guangzhou Automobile, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Toyota, Bosch, Mainland, Magna and Tier 1 automobile parts suppliers to come together to participate in the exhibition.

[Display Range]

1. Automotive parts and on-board systems: engine control system, automobile safety control system, automobile audio-visual system, communication/ITS related system, in-car network system, chassis control system, etc.

2. Automotive semiconductors, electronic components and equipment: on-board semiconductors, sensors, batteries, resistors, capacitors/condensers, connectors/cables/wiring harness, on-board PCBs, touch screen/display module (LCD/FED/VFD), camera module, communication module, fine processing technology, etc.

3. Testing technology: ECU testing tools/software, ECU diagnosis and verification services, testing, inspection and analysis devices/in-vehicle network system software, CAE software, debugger, etc.

4. ECU manufacturing and testing technology: ECU manufacturing, SMT materials, testing equipment, commissioned SMT/commissioned manufacturing services, etc.

5. Vehicle software: development tools (modeling tools/requirements management tools/state transition management tools/prototype screen production tools/program analysis tools/design aids/source code management tools), testing and verification (test aids/driving simulators/verification tools), etc.

6. Driving Assistance and Automation: Driving Assistance System (ADAS) Radar, Sensor Module, Vehicle Camera Module, Image Processing System, Semiconductor/Integrated Circuit, Vehicle Operating System, System Development Support Tool/Service, etc.

7. Automotive thermal management: thermal management materials (aluminium base plate/heat sink material/high thermal conductivity resin etc. / metal base plate/insulation material), thermal management components (radiator/temperature inductor/temperature fuse etc. / radiator/heat pipe), thermal design/thermal analysis technology, etc.

During the exhibition, we will send exquisite gifts. Welcome to the 8B031 booth of Hall 8. Let's work together to witness the wonderful moment of the 2019 Shenzhen International Automotive Electronics Technology Exhibition.