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Flow and Requirements of FCC/ISED Certification Specification for Household Appliances


Flow and Requirements of FCC/ISED Certification Specification for Household Appliances

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FCC certification is a compulsory certification for electronic products to enter the U.S. market. Mainly involving more than 50 states, Colombia and the United States to ensure the safety of life and property-related radio and wire communications products. American FCC certification can be divided into three types: FCC-ID certification, FCC-DOC certification and FCC-VOC certification. Today we mainly talk about the FCC/ISED certification of household appliances. The specific Lixun test is introduced to you.

Standards and procedures for certification of household appliances

The application for FCC/ISED certification of household appliances needs to conform to its certification specifications and process requirements. The certification process involved in FCC/ISED is abbreviated as SDoC (supplier's Declaration of Conformity) or Certification, which is also commonly known as FCC ID or IC ID.

List of FCC/ISED Certification Specifications and Procedures for Household Appliances


FCC authentication


SDoC: The supplier claims to conform to the technical specifications of FCC/ISED. The self-claim is not arbitrary, but that the product must be tested to meet the limit requirements. The labels, specifications, importers and product technical data of the product meet the requirements of the SDoC process before the self-claim can be made.

FCC ID: Product testing should be carried out in the laboratory accredited by FCC, and the test report and technical data should be provided to TCB to issue ID certificate after verification.

IC ID: For certification of wireless products in Canada, testing needs to be carried out in ISED-approved laboratories, and ID certificates are issued after reports and technical information are provided to CB (Certification Body) agencies for verification.

Label requirements for household appliances


According to the requirement of KDB 89681, the qualified household appliances evaluated by SDoC process can call FCC Logo voluntarily, exempting household appliances from calling FCC Logo. Exempted household appliances can be voluntarily logged on to FCC only after they have passed the process evaluation of SDoC.


At the same time, the labels or instructions of household appliances need the following declarations to meet the requirements of part 15. Exemption of household appliances products can not appear the following declarations of conformity unless the exemption of household appliances products meets the requirements of SDoC.


"This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation."

Exemption clauses for some household appliances


Some household appliances can be exempted from certification according to the requirements of standard FCC Part 15. The requirements for products that can be exempted from certification are as follows:


1. Products whose internal working frequency or generated working frequency is less than 9 kHz are not defined as digital products and are exempt from the requirements of FCC Part 15.

2. According to the requirements of FCC Part 15.103(h), battery power supply equipment with working frequency less than 1.705 MHz can be exempted from the requirements of FCC Part 15.


3. According to the requirements of FCC Part 15.103 (d), the digital circuits used in some household appliances can be exempted from the requirements of FCC Part 15.


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