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The group's annual award ceremony and the 2018 New Spring Festival Gala are held


The group's annual award ceremony and the 2018 New Spring Festival Gala are held

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Spring and winter to add new year, 2018 lcs has passed through fourteen years, the afternoon of February 2nd, "a new leap, then sail" lcs test group annual awards ceremony cum 2018 Spring Festival Gala was held, from LCS testing group employees and guest of nearly 400 people and will. The burning popularity scene, the rich activity process, the grand award ceremony, made the scene of the whole activity unprecedented.

This annual meeting is divided into three chapters.


"Think far"

"Concentric win"


Chapter one: "Butterfly"

Review 2017, lcs detection group leapfrog development, successfully listed on the new board, after the establishment of the Guangzhou branch, Zhongshan branch, Shajin branch. It has become the NVLAP authorized Laboratory of the US, the CNAS qualification authorization has been obtained in the chemical laboratory, the 50 strong private enterprises in Shenzhen has been awarded the qualification certificate of import and export commodity inspection and certification institutions, and the enterprise credit AAA level certificate has been obtained. For lcs bainianweiye vision, we now harvest, just become a butterfly, the future, we will continue to stride forward singing militant songs towards a higher goal, development.

The opening dance "blooming" opened the prelude to the event


The chairman lcs group made an important speech and speech detection



Chapter two: "think far"


14 years, lcs  employees of enterprises with true to the core youth and sweat, daytime, write one after another song strike a deep chord of entrepreneurs, lcs employees spend burning passion in the enterprise, to make contributions in the healthy and happy, and a success of enterprise. The growth of the company cannot do without the efforts of every employee and pay, with a thankful heart, lcs detection group chairman and senior leadership in the annual meeting for nearly 30 more than 5~13 years old employees were awarded the Legion of merit with flowers, and give parents old employee bonuses; "loyal guards" the award, "outstanding contribution award", "outstanding contribution award". At the same time, we awarded the "technical talents Award" to outstanding engineers in the 2017, and set up lots of raffle links in every link. We carefully planned red box walls, exquisite gifts, grand dinner, "I want to thank people", singing and dancing performances and other rich links and projects. The entire evening climax, showing lcs test group of the family happy and harmonious.

Award of technical talents

"Loyal Guardian" award

Surprise red wall, heavy draw link



A wonderful Feast


Chapter three: "concentric win"

Lcs  people with a shared love of testing industry together, work together, help each other, and compose the lcs share detection group colorful chapter 2018, lcs inspection group will embark on a new journey, set sail! With strict product testing services, to create a win-win situation for the enterprise, to create a harmonious society, as the "hundred years of testing paper Albert, global certification services" business vision and efforts.


The grand finale - Safety Department of martial arts "" Wu "lcs share"