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CCTV "quality" column group walked into LCS Compliance testing lab for interview and report


CCTV "quality" column group walked into LCS Compliance testing lab for interview and report

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CCTV "quality" column group walked into LCS Compliance testing lab for interview and report

Recently, Shenzhen ZTCV science and technology development co., LTD independently made a research and develop a infinity intelligent charging pile which successfully passed the GB4943-2011 general technical test standard, GB 9254 information technology security product test standard, GB 17625.1 harmonic current disturbance test standard, GB/T 17626.5 surge immunity test standard such as test, and was rated as Guangzhou province local standards "electric bicycle charging pile general technical conditions" of the drafting unit.

On December 12, 2017, LCS as a quality standard testing laboratory for this product accept the CCTV "quality" column group interview which will enhance further insight into the product quality of infinity intelligent charging pile. General manager &EMC lab director accepted an interview.


“Quality" shot LCS stand

Picture UP: General manager Wu wei from LCS

Picture DOWM: Technical director Liang Yanrong from LCS

ZTCV said: choosing LCS to proceed product safety testing has two reasons. One is  recognition and respect for the authority and rigor of LCS, the other is the embodiment of the strict requirements of product quality and confidence.

Through this field test, the operation and rigorous attitude of the test specification from LCS are highly recognized by the column of “quality”. “Quality” has also seen the high quality and safety of the infinite smart charging pile products of ZTCV which has expressed high praise for the products of the company.

LCS testing group headquarters Mr. Wu said: LCS development up to now , with the customers in accordance with the mutually depend and loyalty, it is customers to realize  our value &achievement today, entrust & trust from customers will encourage us in the future to continue to go forward for a higher goal.

LCS is China's first set of private operated third party testing and certification of professional service of national high-tech enterprises. Since established, through continuous self-improvement and development, LCS has now equipped with EMC testing  laboratory, RF testing laboratory and  Safety testing laboratory, New Energy Battery testing lab, ERP testing laboratory, environmental reliability testing laboratory, Chemical testing laboratory, etc.

We follow the quality policy of " Justice, Science, Accurate, Efficient" for the global customers to provide professional, comprehensive, reliable, high-quality, one-stop testing and certification services, improve customer production quality and the international competitiveness of the enterprise, at present has been successfully listed on the new three board (stock abbreviation: LCS, stock code 871117).