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A seminar on "new multimedia product regulation (IEC/EN62368)" was held by LCS in 2017


A seminar on "new multimedia product regulation (IEC/EN62368)" was held by LCS in 2017

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A seminar on "new multimedia product regulation (IEC/EN62368)" was held by LCS in 2017 


On the morning of November 24, New Multimedia Product Regulation (IEC/EN 62368) was held sucessfully in Shenzhen Bao Yue hotel which was sponsored by Shenzen LCS testing compliance laboratory and assisted by TUV-RH(Shenzen) Co,ltd.LCS invited nearly 200 peoples from leading companies in multimedia products, R&D engineers and media friends.


he IEC/EN62368 standard covers IEC/EN60950 and IEC/EN60065, but it is not a simple merger. Meanwhile, the European Union's new EMC standard, EN55032, was imposed on March 5, 2017, formally replacing the traditional ITE equipment and video equipment standard EN 55013 and EN5502

The seminar set up a communication bridge for between certified professional and multimedia products manufacturing enterprises which is an important platform for communication and learning of multimedia products field and experts and It is of great significance for the development of multimedia products to promote the development of the industry


TUV-RH(ShenZen) senior program manager Andy.zhu


LCS Testing compliance group Senior engineering manager Peter Chen



LCS Testing compliance group Technical director of EMC Gavin Liang

Respectively for New rules analysis for multimedia products IEC/EN62368,the latest trends for energy efficiency of multimedia products, the latest procedures and regulations of EMC(IEC/EN55032)explained in detail.


In addition, the seminar will set up warm tea and questions break, the clients, experts and staff talked happily,even some customers brought the new products to the site to consult with engineers. Some clients said that the company is developing products for the IEC/EN62368 new regulation which is very useful for him.