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China CCC&CQC certification


China CCC&CQC certification

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Certification body
Radio authority of the ministry of industry and information technology
Radio emission equipment model approval certificate
Standard for Requirement
RF telecom
Factory Inspection
CB Scheme
Technique information


In December 2001, the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine issued the regulations on compulsory product certification, with mandatory product certification system to replace the original imported goods safety quality license system and the system of electrical product safety certification.CCC certification or 3C certification for Chinese compulsory product certification.


07Household and similar equipment
01Wire and cable
02Circuit breaker and protection or connection of electrical apparatus
03Low voltage electrical appliances
04Low power motor
05Electric tools
06Electric welding machine
08Audio and video equipment
09Information technology equipment
10Lighting equipment
11Motor vehicles and safety accessories
12Motor vehicle tire
13Safety glass
16Telecommunication terminal equipment
17Medical device products
19Safety technology to prevent products
21Decoration products


CQC logo certification of China quality certification center to carry out voluntary product certification is one of the business, adding CQC logo methods shows that the product is in conformity with the relevant quality, security, performance, EMC certification requirements, such as certification covers mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, electrical appliances, electronics, textiles, building materials, etc. More than 500 kinds of products.


Electrical appliances
Building materials, home decoration decoration products
Plastic, rubber products
Refrigeration equipment, heat pump
Transformer, converter, transformer and power electronic equipment
Wire cable and accessories, raw materials
Motor vehicle electrical
Energy systems and batteries,
Equipment and parts
Primary batteries
Electronic components
Motor vehicles and other transportation equipment and their zero attachments
Lights, lighting fixtures and accessories
Motor, generator and parts
Non-electrical heating equipment
Pump and compressor
General machinery and zero accessories
Power distribution and control equipment and parts
Coatings and adhesives
Soap and cleaning supplies
Water valve, heat exchanger
AIDS, pesticides
Paper products
Textiles, shoes, labor insurance
Electric tools and their parts
Environmental pollution control equipment
Computer and information technology equipment
Audio-video equipment
Medical instrument
Measuring, measuring instrument and control system


According to the law of the People's Republic of China regulations on the administration of radio, "product quality law of the People's Republic of China, the regulations on the import of radio transmitting equipment, the production of radio transmitting equipment management regulations, all within the territory of the People's Republic of China production (including trial production, the same below), the sale of radio transmitting equipment must be dealt with" radio transmitting equipment type approval certificate ".Production of radio transmitting equipment, must be made by the radio management bureau of industry and information department (national radio office) for its characteristics of transmission type approval, issued by the "radio transmitting equipment type approval certificate" and type approval code. The label of the factory equipment shall indicate the approved code. Radio transmitting equipment is defined as a variety of transmitting radio waves, but does not include the emission electromagnetic wave of industrial, scientific research, medical equipment, electric transportation systems, high voltage power lines and other electrical devices, etc. The approval of SRRC radio emission equipment is compulsory, and the product in China must be certified for production, sales and circulation. If the product is in the CCC list, it is required to apply for CCC compulsory certification.  

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