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KC Certificate

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KC Mark certification

The ministry of knowledge economy (MKE) announced on August 25, 2008, that the national standards committee will be in 2009

A new national unified certification Mark, known as the KC Mark, was introduced from July to December 2010.

The new sign is called KC Mark, which represents Korea Certification.The current 13 mandatory signs will be the most

The new symbol will be unified.

One result of the move is to reduce the cost of certification fees for suppliers, which would make South Korea's KC Mark

Gradually become a world brand certification. However, there is a disadvantage that the recently issued KCC logo will only be implemented for a few years and will eventually be unified into the new KC logo.

KC Mark certification for future implementation plans

December 2008: update of national basic regulations and current laws

July 2009: MKE begins to implement national uniform labeling

January 2009 - December 2010: improved regulations relating to certification standards

January 2011: completed the national unification mark to all compulsory certification


KC Mark certified product catalog

KC Mark Certification Products List (KC Certification product catalog) according to the Korea electrical appliance safety administration law regulation, since January 1, 2009 electrical appliance safety Certification is divided into compulsory Certification and self-discipline (voluntary) Certification.

Compulsory certification refers to: belong to all the electronic product must achieve in the mandatory product KC Mark certification can be on the market in South Korea. After a year need to accept factory inspection and product sampling test.

Self-discipline (voluntary) certification means that all electronic products belonging to voluntary products need to be tested for certification and not subject to factory review.The certificate is valid for 5 years.

Apply for KC Mark certification for technical data submitted

In order to obtain the KC Mark certification product manufacturer needs to apply to the EST certification body to apply for electronic product safety certification.The manufacturer here refers to a direct production plant.

When the same type of product is produced in different factories, each factory needs to apply for the KC Mark certification separately because the factory name is different.

Apply for KC Mark certification for technical data submitted

1. Application Form for safety certification

2. Product description (or User's instruction) : Korean Version

3. List of critical components

4. Insulation materials (designated products)

5. Circuit Diagram of products

6. Letter of authorization (Letter of authorization)

7. Marking Label (Marking Label)

8. The factory investigation form (Questionaire)

9. Specification of Transformer

10. Prepare samples (the quantity of samples depends on the type of product) (Products)


KC MARK certification will replace EK MIC MARK certification

South Korea on January 1, 2009 began to implement the new KC MARK certification certification system, a new authentication, application products can be divided into two categories, category a (compulsory certification), the product need to factory inspection, the certificate is valid; Category 2 (voluntary certification) products need no factory inspection and the certificate is valid for five years.

  The biggest impact is that South Korea will classify AV products, parts of information (IT) products and formerly non-mandatory Power Supplies for Personal Computer as "Voluntary Safety Verification" and valid for five years. The audio-visual products and some information products of EK mark will be automatically converted into a new category in the system of Korean issuing units, and the certificate validity period will be January 1, 2009 solstice, December 31, 2013.

In addition, south Korea on July 1, 2009, the original EK mark unification for KC (Chesapeake Certification) mark Certification, has no effect due to the transformation and the safety standards of Certification, so don't need to make any version update action of original certificate, but the original EK mark Certification can only be used to June 30, 2011, you will be required to convert the logo on the product nameplate for KC mark Certification after sales in south Korea.


KC certification


1. Certification profile

In order to make consumers more clearly understand the purchased product marked on Certification marks, and to reduce the financial burden of product manufacturers a variety of Certification fees, south Korea technology standard institute (katz) announced on August 20, 2008, will begin on January 1, 2009 new KC Certification system (Chesapeake Certification) Certification. The plan, which began in July 2009, has been spearheaded by the ministry of knowledge and economics, which is expected to expand to all sectors by the end of 2010.

The new authentication method divides the application product into two categories: classification one (compulsory certification) product needs factory inspection, certificate?]Validity period; Category 2 (voluntary certification) products need no factory inspection and the certificate is valid for five years. South Korea will put the video (AV) products, part of the information (IT) products, as well as the personal computer power supply, which are optional classified as "Voluntary Safety certification" (Voluntary Safety Verification), and the certificate is valid for five years. Has applied for EK mark audio products and parts of the information product, in South Korea license issuing unit system will be automatically converted to a new category, and certificate effective as of January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2013.See "related product catalog" specifically.

In addition, South Korea on July 1, 2009, the original EK mark was uniformed for KC mark which has no effect due to the transformation and the safety standards of certification, so don't need to make any version of original certificate (new actions, but the original EK marks will only be used until June 30, 2011,later nameplate "logo" on the product needed converted to KC logo can only be sold in South Korea. At the same time, the electrical products logo "K" logo , Gas product mark "inspection” logo articles for daily use for “KPS” logo, information and communication equipment" "MIC" mark and other 13 kinds of existing authentication marks will also be upgraded to a compulsory certification mark "KC" in succession, the corresponding all kinds of original certification 20 multiple examination methods will also be reduced to 9 types.


The implementation plan of the KC logo is as follows:

(1) December 2008: amend the basic law and enforcement order of national standards;

(2) July 2009: the ministry of knowledge and economy began to implement and use the national unified identification of KC;

(3) January 2009 ~ December 2010: amendment of laws related to standard certification;

(4) January 2011: apply the national unified symbol KC to all certification.


2. Other matters

As introduction to harm to differentiate between the electrical products and the introduction of safety confirmation system "self-discipline" and prevent the outside electronic products from harm by security authentication object of "security investigation system", to establish a simple legal system, perfect operation on some weak spot, will modify all the electrical product safety law. In order to ensure the implementation of the self-regulatory safety identification system, it is necessary to set up the self-regulatory safety to identify the product and the self-regulatory safety.

Only the safety test of the product can basically prevent the product from happening in the market, such products belong to the self-discipline safety certification. Such products as AV products and some office appliances belong to less hazardous products, so it is classified as the product of self-regulatory safety.

Self-discipline the establishment of safety confirmation declaration system, can reduce the burden of, as long as the products in the safety test for test (safety, electromagnetic compatibility testing) and confirmed, will be able to sell after declaration, and the need for factory audit.

The above provisions will be implemented from 1 January 2009.According to the regulations of the original has been safety certification of electrical products, because the new administration law for the electrical appliances safety into self-discipline security confirm declaration object product, do not need to apply for certification, the certification number can be used to December 31, 2013.

Outside according to the regulations of the original object belongs to the safety management of electrical supplies, now as a security authentication object or confirmed self-discipline security declaration objects specified products, from January 1, 2010 began to apply the law.

In the electrical appliances safety administration law prior to the implementation of the already obtained safety certification of electrical products, the original use of EK mark can be used to June 30, 2011, later will have to convert the KC logo.

For details on the KC certification requirements, please follow the announcement of the south Korean ministry of knowledge and economy (MKE) and the information of the KC certification authority, South Korea's information security agency (KISA).

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