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IC Certification

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IC is short for Industry Canada industry of Canada. As a government agency, it rules for analog and digital terminal equipment inspection standards, responsible for electrical and electronic products entering the Canadian market authentication transaction regulations which must pass the EMC certification. Its product is roughly for radio and television equipment, information technology equipment, radio equipment, telecommunications equipment, engineering and medical equipment, etc., similar to the United States FCC, IC is only limit on electromagnetic interference.

IC certification application

IC certification standards are basically in line with the FCC, and IC currently only restricts electromagnetic interference

ICES-001:Industrial, Scientific and Medical Radio Frequency Generators

ICES-003:Interference-Causing Equipment Standards-Digital Apparatus

Such as ICES003: ITE: products and computer peripheral equipment, IC RSS Series low power wireless RF products. Such as: RSS 210, applicable products: wireless mouse and keyboard, wireless remote control toys and all kinds of low power wireless RF products, CS03 (PSTN) telecommunications terminal products by Canada FCB, equivalent of the TCB, IC certificate, can also send IC ID, usually do CE, FCC directly IC, VCCI, MIC, BSMI certificate. CSA and cUL are Canadian security, IC is electromagnetic compatibility.

IC (Industrial Canada) : the Canadian industry department's certification requirements for EMC, Telecom products, Telecom products and other aspects of electronic appliances.

CSA: one of the Canadian security certification marks.

CUL: UL company's safety logo for product promotion to the Canadian market. The operation mode is the same as the UL mark.

In fact, if you want to apply for the FCC, you don't have to think about IC. General American accrediting agencies can be issued with the FCC, IC. Test the report. For example, the us laboratory obtained the TCB recognition and obtained the FCB recognition in Canada. Get a certification agency, the FCC, and IC can apply at the same time. Of course, if you apply for it on your own, you should apply separately.



   1. Control unit: Industry Canada (IC)

2. Specification: C.R.C.,c.1374 (incom-current Equipment Standards)

3. Control nature: mandatory

4. Control mode: accept Grant from the FCC; That's the FCC DoC or the FCC ID.

5. The Label or Manual must also be labeled as follows: The Class [*] digital apparatus meets all requirements of the Canadian Interference-Causing Equipment Regulation. Cet appareil numerique de la class [*] respecte toutes les exigences du Reglement sur le materiel brouilleur du Canada .

* : Insert either "A" or "B" but not both are appropriate for the equipment requirements


IC certification process

  Application certificate: applicant is the first time to apply for IC, and you will need to apply for a permanent Company code. The number of the applicant is represented and will be used all the time. If there is a new application, please add the suffix number of less than 9 words to the original company code as the IC certificate number. To be ready for all the IC for submission of the materials and test report has been completed, the applicant with the IC code, test report and the requirements of the materials delivered to IC and FCB certificate application. To accept the end of the IC and FCB IC certificate will be sent to the applicant, and the IC code stored in the database of IC. The applicant can ell or export the product after he has obtained the certificate.

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