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VDE Certification

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VDE is directly involved in German national standards establishment and is one of Europe's most experienced accrediting agencies with a high reputation in the world. It completes a total of 18,000 certification projects per year for nearly 2,200 German companies and 2,700 clients in other countries. The VDE logo has been awarded to 200,000 electrical products in nearly 50 countries worldwide.


Located in auffenbach, Germany , VDE Testing and Certification Institute, is a research Institute of the German Institute of electrical engineers (VDE), founded in 1920.As a neutral, independent agency, VDE's laboratory is based on application, in accordance with German VDE national standard or European EN Standard, or IEC international electrotechnical commission standard for testing and certification of electrical products. In many countries, the VDE certification mark is even more famous than the national certification mark, especially for importers and exporters.

In our country, the direction of the electrical products export persification, importers of Europe, Australia, southeast Asia and other areas, which are put forward such as GS (Germany), BEAB (England), IMQ (Italy) and other safety certification and CE marking requirements .And most of the whole machine factory in the process of certification and the pision of these requirements ask for their electrical safety parts supplier to ensure with a high level of security authentication marks. It is also more and more spare parts manufacturing enterprises want to get the outside cause of VDE mark


The service sector

Product range

Household appliances

Lamps, LED and lamp parts

Consumer electronics and IT products

Power tools and garden tools

Medical apparatus and instruments



Photovoltaic technology

A fuel cell

Electric cars, car electronics

Smart electric meters

Wire and cable

Electronic components

Transformer and switching power supply

Installation technology



Service scope


Electromagnetic compatibility

Chemical testing and analysis

Practical test

Product life/reliability testing

Life cycle analysis, energy efficiency testing

Acoustic/noise testing

Insulation and environmental testing

Software evaluation

VDE smart manual

Factory audit

Inspection service

Quality management system audit

International certification service

Training and technical support services


The certification process

1 Submission of formal application form and structure parameter list - is an important document of application for VDE,

2 Application confirmation -VDE receives the formal application form and the structure parameter list, and sends the invoice, factory inspection questionnaire and other information.

3. Delivery the sample When the application is confirmed, the specific sample request and the relevant standards of the test shall be informed. After completion of the sample, the test must be carried out in accordance with the standard or sent to the domestic laboratory for prediction. The samples can be safely and accurately sent to VDE by speed post.

1) Once all the test items are approved, the applicant will be notified in the first time.

2) The inspection results may also be defective. Some light defects, the certification body and the VDE communication, as long as minor amendments, do not need to resend samples, VDE will be able to license.

3) When an important defect occurs, the certification authority will discuss the reasons for the failure .If necessary, VDE will send back the failed samples for reference analysis. After the sample is modified and perfected, the reinspection procedure should be processed. If the sample is resubmitted within six months, the retesting fee will be much more favorable.

4)Factory inspection - the inspection and approval of the factory before issuing the certificate, or the unscheduled supervision and review. Prior to the inspection of factory, the certifying agency appointed experts to assist the manufacturer in conducting self-examination of production facilities, laboratory equipment, metering and the whole quality system with VDE .Assist the manufacturer to discuss the corrective measures as soon as possible and implement the corrective action promptly.

5. Certification Issued -the VDE will inform the applicant timely and the VDE certificate will be issued promptly, if the sample is qualified after the factory inspection is successfully passed.

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