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Recruitment details


Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for summarizing and analyzing customer information and formulating sales plan to achieve the target;
2. Contact, visit and establish good business relationship with large clients;
3. Established sales team and arranged sales tasks reasonably, and managed the sales team;
4. Understand competitors and maintain good relationship with customers;
5. Timely submit relevant reports according to requirements, report the working status and support of the team;
6. Completed other tasks assigned by the company and superior.


1. College degree or above, good character ethics, ability to be able to relax requirements;
2. 3 years of third-party testing company sales experience and good sales performance;
3. Priority in any of the fields of electronic appliances chemical/food/textiles/toy/automotive field;
4. Have sensitive judgment ability and analytical ability to the market, have good market development ability;
5. Responsible, good communication and coordination skills, teamwork spirit and excellent marketing skills;

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