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Recruitment details

Reliability Engineer

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for pre-processing and testing of product reliability/packaging and transportation testing;
2. Responsible for maintenance and verification of related equipment and accessories;
3. Responsible for completing the test on time and submitting the complete original record;
4. Responsible for compilation, modification and issuance of test report;
5. Responsible for the preparation and improvement of related work instruction;
6. Actively completing other tasks assigned by superiors.


1. Engaged in the reliability testing of electronic electrical appliances for 2 years or more;
2. Skilled in the operation and maintenance of common environment test cases and test machines;
3. Ability to develop reliability test plans for common electronic products and components such as power supply and connectors;
4. Have certain English proficiency, can independently issue the standardized test report of Chinese and English products;
5. Understand the domestic third-party testing industry, familiar with the laboratory management system such as CNAS and CMA, and the certificate of internal auditor is preferred;
6. Strong sense of service, communication and teamwork.

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