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Recruitment details

Cost Accounting

Job responsibilities:

1, establish and perfect the system of cost accounting, cost control system, analysis of asset management system, the results reflect the costs and expenses, by the month cost analysis, find out the differences between the original improvement measures and put forward;
2. Accounting for the cost of subcontract and the cost of the project, auditing the external expenses and the project quotation, etc.;
3. Conduct standard cost management and maintenance, analyze the difference between actual consumption cost and standard cost, issue cost analysis report, find out the reasons for differences, and propose improvement measures and implement them.


1. Accounting qualification certificate;
2.2 years experience in cost accounting;
3. Familiar with cost accounting, cost control and cost analysis;
4. Strong sense of management, communication, coordination and teamwork;
5. Skilled operation of kingdee professional financial software;
6. Be sensitive to Numbers, active and careful in work, and strong in principle.

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