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Recruitment details

RF Project Engineer

Job responsibilities:

1. Independently completed various wireless related international certification programs including RTTE, FCC- ID, RCM, SRRC, etc.
2. Formulate relevant test procedures according to requirements and relevant standards, formulate test plans, and be responsible for testing project allocation, supervision, and ensure timely and high-quality completion;
3. Help market personnel to provide customers with good communication and support;
4. Familiar with EN300330, EN300220, EN300440, en300,328, EN301489 standard.


1. College degree or above, major in electronic information or communication;
2. Proficient in the standard and test method of wireless products, independently dominated the wireless project for more than 1 year;
3. Proficient in the use of spectrometer and integrated tester, with experience in microwave and signal testing is preferred;
4. Familiar with all kinds of wireless product wi-fi, Bluetooth, GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, GPRS, GPS, etc.

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