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The seminar on the certification of four countries for the lamps and lanterns (ZhongShan station)


The seminar on the certification of four countries for the lamps and lanterns (ZhongShan station)

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On 28th,July Zhongshan branch of LCS testing group sponsered Lamps and lanterns certification Seminar and it is holded in International Trade(YiHao) Hotel yesterday.

Senior engineer team from LCS, wide bright light source technology, Midea, zhongshan, a lighting, zhongshan shuo lighting and other well-known enterprises attend this seminar, revolve around the "Saudi energy efficiency, BIS in India, Australia RCM, South Africa SABS and IEC" and carried thorough deep discussion. Zhongshan torch relay station, Aladdin lighting network, jiangmen, zhongshan lighting industry association, Jiangmen lighting industry association etc the mainstream news media, senior media person has focus the attention to the seminar and conduct live interviews.

The purpose of this seminar is to learn, communicate, discuss and make friends. According to Jesse Liu, director of international certification department of LCS group shenzhen headquarters, Eko Yang , southern lighting laboratory, and Ian Luo, a senior engineer in the southern lighting laboratory, made a detailed explanation of the certification of the four countries in turn. At the end of each class, we set up a question session, and the clients participated in the questions.

In order to thank the customer for the support, in the process, interspersed with the first,second and third prize draw, the atmosphere is very lively! The meeting was held from 9:40 a.m. to 15 p.m., numerous clients expressing high recognition and support for the event and hoping to host such seminars often in the future.

This seminar is hosted by LCS zhongshan Branch since its establishment for the first time, in the future, zhongshan Branch will take it as a starting point, organize technical training seminars on a irregular time for zhongshan lamps and lanterns manufacturer for zhongshan lighting enterprises provide comprehensive testing certification services!


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