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Sales elite of LCS For Two days tour in Zhao Qing, in August 2016


Sales elite of LCS For Two days tour in Zhao Qing, in August 2016

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With the efforts of all the staff of LCS and the support of our customers, we have achieved a great success again, surpassing the performance target of August.

To appreciate gratitude for the staff's hard work, reflect the company humanized management, advocate employees happy work & happy life of the corporate culture, implement care to employees, the company took advantage of the weekend time, organized 30 sales with prominent performance, relaxing body and mind, to the zhaoqing for two day and one night by taking rich tourist activities. Feeling the thrill of the Deqing Panlong gorge rafting, enjoy the scenery pleasant forest warm mineral spring, play famous scenic spots: Dinghu Mountain and Seven Star Cave.

This activity is accompanied by the wind and rain, but still can not stop us forward, not only guarantee the safety of every employee, but also create the atmosphere of solidarity, activity and endeavor. Promote harmonious relationship and cooperation among colleagues. Tourism, temporary far away from the city, work, let people's mind relaxed in nature. Travel make the thinking more open-minded.

Warriors from LCS drifting photo

Dinghu mountain - natural oxygen bar to breathe fresh air


Drink with passion and sing aloud




Such tourism activities are often carried out in our company, not only to improve the staff's life taste and pursuit, but also to integrate the team spirit into the activities, and to develop common progress with the company!