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ISED certification latest news


ISED certification latest news

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  When applying for ISED certification in Canada for multiple models, it is required that each applied model must provide appearance photos and internal photos of the product, even if it is only a difference in model name. Subsequent certification applications, including uncertified and later models, are required to provide external photos and internal photos of all models.

  See below for regulations:
  • ISED has been lenient in the past with submission of some exhibits
  • Family certification rarely includes more than one set of internal & external photos
  • RSP-100 Form C is however quite clear on this: Internal and External photos of the product versions in the application are required
  • This requirement is not just for one product version. It applies to all product versions in a family
  • ISED is now requesting to see internal and external photos of all models / product versions in a family
  • This is applicable whether or not an applicant is stating that all models are identical
  • This is applicable for all new family certifications or addition of models via Permissive Change application
  • Applications received by ISED which do not include a set of internal & external photos for each model /product versions, will be sent back to the CB.