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EAC certification, namely Russia-Kazakhstan-Belarus customs union CU-TR certification, Russian is Таможенногосоюза

(referred to as TC). According to the agreement signed by Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan on October 18, 2010 "Common Guidelines and Rules on Technical Specifications of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation", the Customs Union Committee is committed to formulating uniform standards and requirements to ensure product safety, A certification, common to the three countries, thus forming the CU-TR certification of the Russia-Belarus-Kazakhstan Customs Union. The unified mark is EAC, also called EAC certification. After February 15, 2013, products on the list must be certified by the Customs Union.

EAC certification is the only proof that the product complies with the technical regulations of the Customs Union. It will replace the original GOST certification and is the passport for manufacturers to open and enter the market of CIS countries such as Russia. The customs union certification can be divided into the customs union CU-TR certificate and the customs union CU-TR declaration of conformity.

GOST R certification

A: The certification bodies and testing experiments that are on the current list of the CU-TR certificate of the Customs Union and are uniformly certified and registered by the Customs Union

The office (center) issues a certificate of conformity, which any client can apply for. At present, a single batch of Customs Union CU-TR certificate needs to be sent to foreign countries for testing; 1-year, 3-year and 5-year batches must be reviewed by foreign experts and samples must be sent to foreign countries for testing.

Two: Customs Union CU-TR Declaration of Conformity

The declaration of conformity of its own products on the basis of the participation of the customs union certification body. At present, more than 90% of the products in the mandatory list require the CU-TR declaration of conformity certificate, which can only be used by foreign customers as the holder. The application needs to provide the foreign customer's trade contract and business license, which can be exempted from sample testing and factory audit.

  Detailed Description:

On February 15, 2013, the Technical Regulation No.768 of the Customs Union stipulated "Technical Regulations on the Safety of Low-Voltage Electrical Appliances" TPTC004/2001 (Approved on August 16, 2011 the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union No. 768 "Safety of Low-Voltage Equipment"), the implementation began New Customs Union Technical Regulation Certificate (ТАМОЖЕННОГОСОЮЗАТЕХНИЧЕСКИЙРЕГЛАМЕНТ, CustomsUnionTR).

Regulations in Russian: ТехническийрегламентТаможенногосоюза«Обезопасностинизковольтногооборудования»утв.РешениемКТСот 16.08.2011 Сот16.08.2011

Customs Union Technical Regulations certificate: It is the only proof that the product complies with the technical regulations of the Customs Union. This certificate is applicable to: Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

The effective date of the regulations: February 15, 2013

Transition date: until March 15, 2015 (the old GOST-R certificate or TR certificate will be invalid until this date)

The Customs Union TR certificate will implement a new certificate format and certification mark, the mark is EACmark.

The design requirements of the label are as shown in the figure above, and the label is required to be larger than 5 mm.

The issuing authority of the TR certificate of the Customs Union is: the certification authority registered by the Customs Union. (Our Russian headquarters has been authorized by the customs union certificate);

The validity period of the customs union certificate is divided into: single batch, valid for 1 year, valid for 3 years, valid for 5 years;

The application requirements for the Customs Union certificate are basically the same as the Russian GOST-R certificate.

The Customs Union CU-TR Technical Regulations Certification Certificate, referred to as: TP TC. English: Technical Regulations of the Customs Union conformity Certificates / Declarations of Conformity (referred to as CU-TR certification), because the certification mark is EAC mark, so it is also called EAC certification.

The effective date of the regulations: February 15, 2013

The scope of application of the CU-TR technical regulation certificate of the Customs Union:

The customs union CU-TR technical regulations certificate is applicable to: all countries within the customs union, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc., the customs union certificate The customs union certificate has a strong legal effect, any country within the customs union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc.) Stein) are unobstructed.

Customs Union CU-TR certificate certification mark: the mark is EAC mark.

Customs Union CU-TR certification includes 2 types: Customs Union CU-TR Certificate of Conformity, Customs Union Declaration of Conformity CU-TR Declaration

1) Technical Regulations of the Customs Union conformity Certificates (Technical Regulations of the Customs Union conformity Certificates): The regulations stipulate that only the alliance company can be the licensed company;

If you want a Chinese company to hold a certificate, the customs union agent needs to authorize the holder's rights to a Chinese customer to hold the certificate, and then the Chinese company can be the certificate holder. Common to the Three Kingdoms! ! !

We can provide the services that we can provide customs union agents and authorize Chinese manufacturers to hold certificates. We provide the agreement authorization agreement template (these we help fill out the agreement template, the customer can sign and seal);

Material requirements: application form, product manual, specification, difference table, ISO9001 certificate, authorization agreement template for authorizing Chinese manufacturers to hold the certificate (for these we help fill in the agreement template, and the customer can sign and seal)

2) CU-TR Declaration of the Customs Union (Technical Regulations of the Customs Union Declaration Conformity): the holder must be an importer/agent in the three countries (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan);

Customs Union CU-TR Declaration of Conformity: Only an alliance company can act as a licensed company;

Data requirements: application form, contract between the factory and the domestic company of the alliance, the registration certificate of the alliance company, the tax registration certificate-scanned copy, the single batch of invoices;

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