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July EU non-compliance notification for food contact materials


July EU non-compliance notification for food contact materials

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In July 2022, the EU RASFF notified a total of 15 cases of food contact material violations, 12 from China, 1 from Spain, 1 from Germany, and 1 unknown. A total of 5 cases were due to unauthorized addition of bamboo fiber violations, 4 cases were due to migration violations of primary aromatic amines, 2 cases were due to formaldehyde migration violations, 1 case was due to melamine migration violations, and 1 case was due to excess chloropropanol Violations, 1 for lead migration violation and 1 for choking hazard violation.

The main cases reported are as follows:

EU for food contact materials

LCS recommends:

It is recommended to pay attention to EU regulations, do not add unauthorized use of plant fibers, pay special attention to the addition of primary aromatic amines, melamine, formaldehyde, and pay attention to chloropropanols in paper products, lead in ceramic products and the presence of reusable ice cubes In order to avoid the risk of suffocation, all enterprises need to strictly follow the regulatory requirements for product quality management.