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Company Profile

Company Profile



Shenzhen LCS Compliance Testing Laboratory Ltd.  (hereinafter referred to as the LCS ) established in April, 2004. LCS has been committed to providing customers with professional one-stop product testing and certification services since its establishment. At present, it has established branches in Shajing, Houting, Gongming, Fuyong, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Ningbo, Suzhou and Chongqing. 8 testing bases have been set up in Shenzhen (Shajing, Houting, Gongming, Fuyong), Guangzhou, Ningbo, Suzhou, Chongqing and other places, and more than 40 large-scale testing laboratories in each testing base also have been established, which mainly including electromagnetic compatibility, radio frequency, Product safety, new energy batteries, energy efficiency performance, lighting, automotive electronics, environmental reliability, ecological environment testing, chemistry and other categories of laboratories.


LCS laboratory service areas cover a wide range, the main service areas include wireless, lighting, information and information, audio and video, switch sockets, home appliances, batteries, toys, children's products, food, environment (water, air, soil, etc.), automobiles, textiles , Shoe materials, machinery and other product categories.


LCS has obtained approval and authorization by China National Accredited Service for Conformity Assessment CNAS, CMA, American UL, FCC, TIMCO, SIEMIC,NVLAP(LAB CODE 600112-0), IC of Canada, CSA, German TUV, EMCC, PHOENIX, ITS UK, Norway NEMKO, EMSD, Japan VCCI and other international institutions. Under the guidance of China National Accredited Service for Conformity Assessment CNAS and authoritative certification bodies such as the United States UL, German TUV, LCS Laboratory established in accordance with the standards ISO/IEC 17025, GUIDE 25 and En45001 strictly.
We follow the quality policy of " Justice, Science, Accurate, Efficiency ",obey international norms and conventions and national laws and regulations, work under strict procedures, show scientific and fair attitude to all clients, adhere to the principle of confidentiality and provide quality and efficient service to all the sectors of the society.

Shenzhen Headquarters


LCS Testing Shenzhen headquarters laboratory is located in Juji Industrial Park, Shajing, Baoan District, Shenzhen. Equipped with electromagnetic compatibility laboratory, wireless communication laboratory, safety laboratory, reliability laboratory. It has perfect testing capabilities for electromagnetic compatibility, radio frequency, product safety, environmental reliability, material failure analysis, etc., and the testing instruments are advanced and complete. The company manufactures and builds.

Accreditations obtained: CMA, CNAS, NVLAP (Lab Code 600112-0), EMSD, CBTL Cert, CoA RED, IC, MiCOM Cert., KC, KTC, NATA RTA, SAA, SABS, CoA RCB, TUV Rheinland PTL , TUV Rheinland Cert., ITS RTLUN38.3 Dijem authorization and other qualifications.

Laboratory area: 4800 square meters

Professional and technical personnel: more than 60 people

Main service areas: wireless communication products, lighting products, multimedia products, electrical accessories, switch sockets, home appliances, batteries, electric toys, climate environment, mechanical environment, packaging and transportation environment, ISO factory guidance, etc.

Main service items: CB certification, KC certification, GS certification, TUV-MARK, SAA certification, GEMS certification, RCM certification and other certification services.


Shenzhen New Energy Company


Shenzhen New Energy Corporation became an independent laboratory from its headquarters in 2018. Now it has a battery safety testing laboratory, a battery reliability laboratory, and a battery performance testing laboratory.

The LCS battery laboratory is established according to the ISO/IEC 17025 & 17020 quality management system. The LCS battery team can now provide global certification and entrusted testing services for pet customers around the world, helping customers' battery products to break through technical trade barriers and smoothly enter the world. market.


Acquired Qualifications: Acquired CNAS, CMA, CBTL, KC and other accreditation qualifications.

Laboratory area: 720 square meters

Professional and technical personnel: more than 30 people

Main service areas: various types and uses of lithium batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, lead-acid batteries, alkaline batteries and non-rechargeable batteries and other products.


Shenzhen Gongming Branch


Shenzhen Gongming Branch was established in 2015, with electromagnetic compatibility EMC laboratory, safety laboratory, lamp and light source performance and energy efficiency laboratory, life aging laboratory, wireless laboratory, dustproof and waterproof laboratory, material reliability testing The laboratory has advanced vertical photometer, 2m diameter integrating sphere, LM80 life accelerated aging test system and other optical equipment, which can test the color, light efficiency, light distribution, electricity and other aspects of lighting products provided by customers. At the same time, LM-79, LM-82 and other tests can also be used to complete the relevant energy efficiency life testing of lamps and lanterns and the LM80 test of LED lamp beads. Southern Luxshare Testing is committed to building the largest and most professional lighting testing laboratory in China.

Accredited Qualifications: Acquired accreditation qualifications such as CMA, CNAS, NVLAP (lab code 600112-0), SASO, TUV SUD ETL, KTC, TUV Rheinland Cert., TUV SUD ETL, TUV Rheinland Cert.

Laboratory area: 3600 square meters

Professional and technical personnel: more than 80 people

Main testing service areas: European ERP certification for various lighting products and LED lighting products, North American DLC certification, ENERGY STAR certification, Australian VEET certification and other energy efficiency subsidy certification application services; also provide safety certification and customs clearance certification in various countries such as: UL Certification, CB certification, ENEC certification, SAA certification, FCC certification, CE certification, PVOC, KUAS, COC compliance certification, IECEE, SABER, BIS and other certifications.

Advantageous testing items: CA135, CA80, IC-F, IKXX, IPXX, LM80, LM79, ISTMT, TM21, CEC, DOE, ERP, GEMS, MEPS, blue light hazard analysis, SASO2870, SASO2902 and other project services;
Featured projects: EMC design, EMC testing and pre-testing, EMC rectification and solutions, and provide rectification consulting services for products that fail to meet standard requirements during testing.


Shenzhen Shajing Branch



Shenzhen Shajing Branch was established in 2018. It mainly has a testing laboratory for chemical consumer products. It has many large-scale modern analytical testing instruments (LC) under the brands of Thermo Fisher, Agilent Agilent, Waters, and Shimadzu. -MS-MS, GC-MS, GC-FID, AFS, AAS) and an experienced and related professional testing and analysis team to achieve one-stop product testing services

Acquired Qualification Accreditation: Obtained CNAS, CPSC and other qualification authorizations.

Laboratory area: 3000㎡

Professional and technical personnel: 40 people, including 1 returnee with a doctorate degree and 1 master degree.

The main testing fields of the chemical consumer product testing laboratory: textile, toy safety, baby product safety, food and contact materials, physical and chemical analysis of organic materials, physical and chemical analysis of inorganic materials, analysis and evaluation of harmful substances in electronic appliances.


Shenzhen Fuyong Branch



Shenzhen Fuyong Branch was established in 2020. It mainly has an environmental testing laboratory. The main business of LCS Environmental Laboratory is ecological environment testing, which has passed the measurement certification (CMA). The laboratory is now equipped with inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer (ICAP7000), atomic absorption spectrometer (AA-6880), ion chromatograph (CIC-D100), atomic fluorescence spectrometer (AFS-8520), phase chromatograph (Gc2030), Gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GCMS-QP2010Plus)...and other hundreds of testing and sampling instruments, can provide the society with environmental testing services, indoor air quality testing services, environmental assessment acceptance, civil construction project completion acceptance and other analysis services.

Acquired Qualification Recognition: Obtained CMA and other qualification authorization, member unit of Shenzhen Environmental Monitoring Association, permanent vice president unit of Guangdong Environmental Monitoring Association.

Laboratory area: 1700㎡

The main test areas of the environmental testing laboratory: 1. Building acceptance testing 2. EIA acceptance testing 3. Seawater testing 4. Drinking water testing 5. Air and exhaust gas testing 6. Workplace air testing 7. Public place air testing 8. Gas station oil and gas Detection 9, lighting, illuminance detection 10, various noise detection 11, soil and sediment detection 12, groundwater detection 13, water and wastewater detection 14, solid waste detection 15. Clean room detection 16, environmental technology and system consulting


Guangzhou Branch



Guangzhou Branch was established in 2017 and has an automotive EMC testing laboratory and an environmental reliability laboratory. The laboratory has 2 dedicated anechoic chambers for automotive electronic components, more than a dozen test shielding rooms, and R&S Rohde & Schwarz. Brand receiver and radiation measurement antenna, high voltage artificial network, ETS-Lindgren brand current probe, EM Test brand BCI test system, EM Test brand 7637 test system, TESEQ brand ESD simulator and other imported high-end test equipment.

Accreditation obtained: National Laboratory (CNAS) authorization, CMA authorization, American Laboratory Accreditation Association (A2LA) authorization, E-MARK authorization for automotive electronics, ATIC authorization, Jiangling Motors approval, Haima Motors approval, King Long Motors approval Wait.

Laboratory area: 3000㎡

Professional and technical personnel: 50 people.

Main service areas: can be multi-function car entertainment system, GPS navigation system, car lights, car refrigerator, car charger, car inverter, car power amplifier, reversing rear view system, reversing radar, car anti-theft system, car tire pressure monitoring system Drive motor, ABS system, TBOX, ECU controller and other automotive electronic products, as well as safety and EMC testing and certification services for small household appliances; testing capabilities can meet the test requirements of both military and civil standards for products, including: radiation emission, conduction Emission current method and voltage method, radiated immunity test, magnetic field immunity test, handheld transmitter immunity test, transient conducted immunity test, transient conducted emission, high current injection, electrostatic discharge test and climatic environment Class tests (more than 10 items), mechanical tests (more than 10 items), combustion friction tests (more than 10 items), and safety regulations tests (more than 20 items).


Ningbo Branch


Ningbo branch was established in 2018, with EMC laboratory, safety laboratory, optical performance and energy efficiency laboratory, life aging laboratory, dustproof and waterproof laboratory, with an area of 2700 square meters. The laboratory is equipped with standard 966 anechoic chamber, shielding chamber, lightning surge, power frequency magnetic field, three-dimensional sky ring, static electricity, harmonic flicker and other EMC testing sites and related equipment. At the same time, it is equipped with optical test equipment such as photometer, 2m diameter integrating sphere, stroboscope, Japan Ganges 310 power meter, etc., which can provide customers with comprehensive safety regulations, EMC, optical performance and energy efficiency of electronic appliances and lighting products. Three-dimensional testing and certification services. Luxshare Ningbo Branch will work with the group headquarters to build the largest, most professional and most comprehensive lighting testing center in China. In 2021, the company will set up a chemical laboratory, which will focus on providing testing and services for products in the fields of sports and leisure, beauty and makeup.

Main testing fields: Safety regulations, electromagnetic compatibility testing and certification services for consumer electronic and electrical products.


Suzhou Branch


Suzhou Branch was established in 2021 with an area of 7,000 square meters. There are materials laboratory, reliability laboratory, performance and durability laboratory and chemical laboratory. It has testing capabilities in various fields such as material testing, reliability testing, auto parts performance testing and durability testing, ELV and VOC testing. The manufacturers of test equipment include internationally renowned brands such as German Weiss Fuchs, American Moog, American Agilent, etc., as well as mainstream brands in the industry such as Shanghai Zengda and Suzhou Sushi.

Main service areas: automotive electronic appliances (wiring harnesses, lights, instruments, sensors, electronic control systems, etc.), automotive interior and exterior trim (seats, dashboards, door trims, bumpers, sunroofs, carpets, ceilings, etc.), body And accessories (automotive body and door system), automotive chassis (bearing, steering, braking, transmission), automotive materials, automotive interior materials volatiles (VOC).


Chongqing Branch



The Chongqing branch was established in 2021 with an area of 580 square meters. Equipped with a reliability laboratory, the laboratory has an electric heating blast drying oven, a constant temperature water bath, an automatic solid density meter, a linear wear resistance testing machine, a double-column computerized tensile testing machine, a paint film impactor tester, and a pencil hardness tester. , Automatic intelligent salt spray test machine, constant temperature and humidity test box, gloss meter, colorimeter, push-pull force meter, standard light source color light box, Rockwell hardness tester and other equipment. In addition to its own laboratory, the company also maintains long-term in-depth cooperation with testing institutions such as SGS, ITS, Chongqing Vehicle Inspection Institute and China Automobile Research Institute.

Main service areas: automotive electronic appliances (wiring harnesses, lights, instruments, etc.), automotive interior and exterior trim (dashboards, rearview mirrors, bumpers, sunroofs, carpets, ceilings, etc.), body and accessories, automotive materials, consumer electronics products, etc.


Zhongshan Branch



Zhongshan Branch mainly provides safety, electromagnetic compatibility, Energy efficiency and other testing and certification services.