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Suzhou Laboratory

Suzhou Laboratory

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Suzhou LCS Standard Technology Service Co., Ltd. has materials laboratory, reliability laboratory, performance and durability laboratory and chemical laboratory. It has testing capabilities in various fields such as material testing, reliability testing, auto parts performance testing and durability testing, ELV and VOC testing. The manufacturers of test equipment include internationally renowned brands such as German Weiss Futsch, American Moog, and American Agilent, as well as mainstream brands in the industry such as Shanghai Zengda and Suzhou Sushi.



Main Laboratory

Reliability laboratory, chemical laboratory



Accreditation obtained

CMA authorization



Main test areas

Automotive electronic appliances (wiring harnesses, lights, meters, sensors, electronic control systems, etc.), automotive interior and exterior trim (seats, instrument panels, door trim panels, bumpers, sunroofs, carpets, ceilings, etc.), body and accessories (automotive Body and door systems), automotive chassis (bearing, steering, braking, transmission), automotive materials, automotive interior materials volatiles (VOC), prohibited and restricted substances, military products, rail transit products, consumer electronics, Computers, communication electronic products, etc.



Main test ability

Material test items, reliability test items, electrical performance test items, performance and durability test items



Contact information

Tel: 0512-6516 2650

Address: No. 16, Zhousidun Road, Caohu Industrial Park, Economic Development Zone, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City, No. 4 Plant