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environmental test


environmental test

The main business of LCS Environmental Laboratory is ecological environment testing. It is the permanent vice president unit of Guangdong Environmental Monitoring Association. It passed the measurement certification (CMA) in November 2018, and has the qualification to issue third-party testing reports. At the same time, it actively expands occupational health , food testing and other fields. The laboratory is now equipped with inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer (ICAP7000), atomic absorption spectrometer (AA-6880), ion chromatograph (CIC-D100), atomic fluorescence spectrometer (AFS-8520), phase chromatograph (GC2030), Hundreds of detection and sampling instruments such as gas chromatography mass spectrometer (GCMS-QP2010Plus)... can provide the society with analysis services such as environmental testing services, indoor air quality testing services, environmental impact assessment acceptance, civil construction project completion acceptance and other analysis services.

Test items

Building acceptance inspection

Air testing in public places

Groundwater detection

EIA acceptance test

Gas station gas detection

Water and Wastewater Testing

seawater detection

Lighting, illumination detection

Solid Waste Detection

drinking water testing

Various types of noise detection

Clean room inspection

Air and exhaust gas detection

Soil and sediment testing

Environmental Technology and System Consulting


water quality testing

Service area

Industrial waste


 landscape water

 domestic sewage

 drinking water

Irrigation of farmland, etc.

 surface water

Secondary water supply



industrial boiler water



Service area

Environmental management system

Occupational health and safety management system

Environmental impact assessment and testing

Enterprise environmental verification

Completed environmental protection acceptance test

Domestic sewage

Industrial wastewater

Petrochemical industry.


Industrial waste

pH, suspended solids, chemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, color, fluoride, petroleum, total nickel, total zinc, hexavalent chromium, total chromium, total copper, total lead, total cyanide, total organic carbon etc.

domestic sewage

Total chromium, hexavalent chromium, total nickel, total cadmium, total mercury, total copper, pH value, suspended solids, petroleum, fluoride, total cyanide, total silver, total lead, ammonia nitrogen, total nitrogen, etc.

Electroplating wastewater

Fecal coliform count, pH value, chemical oxygen demand, five-day biochemical oxygen demand, suspended solids, ammonia nitrogen, animal and vegetable oils, petroleum, anionic surfactants, color, volatile phenols, total cyanide, total mercury, Total cadmium, total chromium, hexavalent chromium, total arsenic, total lead, total silver, total residual chlorine, etc.

medical wastewater

pH value, color, suspended solids, chemical oxygen demand, five-day biochemical oxygen demand, petroleum, animal and vegetable oils, volatile phenol, ammonia nitrogen, total nitrogen, aniline, total copper, benzene, toluene, xylene, ethylbenzene , total organic carbon, total mercury, alkyl mercury, total cadmium, total chromium, hexavalent chromium, total lead, etc.

ink waste water

pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Permanganate Index, Chemical Oxygen Demand, BOD 5, Ammonia Nitrogen, Total Phosphorus, Total Nitrogen, Copper, Zinc, Fluoride, Volatile Phenol, Petroleum, Sulfide, Fecal Large Intestine Microflora, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, turpentine, DDT, lindane, dimethoate, polychlorinated biphenyls, microcystin-LR, etc.

surface water underground

Color, odor and taste, turbidity, visible, pH, total hardness, total dissolved solids, sulfate, chloride, iron, cadmium, copper, zinc, molybdenum, cobalt, anionic synthetic detergent, high manganese Acid index, hexahexa6, DDT, total coliform, total bacteria, total alpha radiation

drinking water

Total Coliforms, Thermostable Coliforms, Escherichia coli, Total Colonies, Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Cyanide, Nitrate, Color, Turbidity, Odor and Odor, Visible, Chloride, Dissolved Total solids, anionic synthetic detergents, antimony, silver, malathion, parathion, dichlorvos, etc.


Exhaust gas detection and ambient air detection
Luxshare Testing has national CNAS accreditation and CMA certification in air and waste gas testing, and has advanced equipment and professional technical service teams to provide you with one-stop services for air and waste gas testing. The test report has been recognized internationally and nationally, and has international credibility.
Service area
ambient air

Involved in the industry

Test items

factory enterprise

Sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides PM2.5, PM10, sulfuric acid mist, hydrogen chloride, VOCs, non-methane total hydrocarbons, formaldehyde, ammonia, odor concentrations, etc.

real estate

Non-methane total hydrocarbons, PM2.5, TSP, VOCs, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, etc.

the traffic

Nitrogen oxides, PM2.5, PM10, TSP, carbon monoxide, etc.

volatile organic compounds

Benzenes, halogenated hydrocarbons, freons, organic solvents

Chemical composition of particulate matter

Semi-volatile organic compounds (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, polychlorinated biphenyls, etc.), heavy metals

Electroplating, circuit board

Acid mist waste gas (sulfuric acid mist, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen cyanide, fluoride, non-methane total hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides
material, chromic acid mist)


  • industry exhaust

Involved in the industry

Test items

Electronic appliances

Welding waste gas (lead and its compounds, tin and its compounds), injection molding waste gas (benzene series, non-methane total hydrocarbons), boiler [including furnaces, kilns, etc.] waste gas (sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, soot, blackness)

Plastic hardware

Painting exhaust gas (particulate matter, benzene, toluene, xylene, non-methane total hydrocarbons), dusting exhaust gas (particulate matter)

Painting for the automotive industry

Benzene, Toluene, Xylene, VOCs


  • volatile organic compoundsVOCs)

Involved in the industry

Test items


Benzene, Toluene, XyleneVOCs


Benzene, Toluene, XyleneVOCs


Benzene, Toluene, XyleneVOCs


  • indoor air

Involved in the industry

Test items


Lead and its compounds, tin and its compounds, benzene series, non-methane hydrocarbons, dust, ammonia, propionic acid, acetone, propanol, acrylonitrile, etc.

Residential, Office, Commercial

Formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, TVOC, ammonia, etc.


  • malodorous pollutants

Involved in the industry

Test items

Waste transfer and landfill operations, sludge treatment

Ammonia, trimethylamine, hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, methyl sulfide, dimethyl disulfide, carbon disulfide, styrene, odor concentration


Soil and groundwater testing

Physical and chemical analysis of soil and groundwater heavy metals, organic matter, inorganic matter, soil and groundwater polluted site survey and testing, farmland soil environmental testing, soil and groundwater environmental restoration survey and testing, groundwater monitoring well construction, soil and groundwater drilling and sampling services.
Service area

Involved in the industry

Test items


iron, nickel, zinc, calcium, copper, manganese, silicon, arsenic, mercury, lead, molybdenum, sodium, beryllium, aluminum, barium, lithium, bismuth, cadmium, silver, magnesium, selenium, boron, tin, chromium, cobalt, Potassium, silver, vanadium, mercury, etc.

Organic Project

Volatile organic compounds, semi-volatile organic compounds, total petroleum hydrocarbons, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, organophosphorus pesticides, organochlorine pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls, alkyl mercury, dioxins, etc.

Physical and chemical analysis

pH value, moisture content, ammonia nitrogen, nitrate, nitrite, sulfate, total nitrogen, hydrolyzable nitrogen, ammonium nitrogen, fluoride, sulfide, available phosphorus, total phosphorus, exchangeable calcium, exchangeable magnesium, cation Exchange capacity, organic matter, humus, mechanical composition, maximum moisture absorption, soil particle density, etc.

surface water and groundwater

Involved in the industry

Test items


Copper, zinc, selenium, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, chromium, lead, molybdenum, cobalt, beryllium, boron, barium, nickel, silver, titanium, antimony, etc.

Organic Project

Trichloromethane, carbon tetrachloride, bromomethane, dichloromethane, vinyl chloride, 1,1-dichloroethylene, 1,2-dichloroethylene, trichloroethylene, tetrachloroethylene, chloroprene, hexachloroethylene Butadiene, Styrene, Formaldehyde, Acetaldehyde, Acrolein, Trichloroacetaldehyde, Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, Xylene, Cumene, Chlorobenzene, 1,2-Dichlorobenzene, 1,4-Dichlorobenzene Chlorobenzene, trichlorobenzene, tetrachlorobenzene, hexachlorobenzene, nitrobenzene, dinitrobenzene, 2,4-dinitrotoluene, 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene, nitrochlorobenzene, 2 ,4-dinitrochlorobenzene, 2,4-dichlorophenol, 2,4,6-trichlorophenol, pentachlorophenol, aniline, benzidine, acrylamide, acrylonitrile, dibutyl phthalate, Di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate, hydrazine hydrate, tetraethyl lead, pyridine, turpentine, picric acid, butylxanthogen, active chlorine, DDT, lindane, epoxy heptachlor, parathion , methyl parathion, malathion, dimethoate, dichlorvos, trichlorfon, systemic phosphorus, chlorothalonil, carbaryl, deltamethrin, atrazine, benzo (a) pyrene, methylmercury, polychlorinated biphenyls, etc.

Physical and chemical analysis

Water temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, permanganate index, chemical oxygen demand, BOD 5, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, fluoride, chloride, sulfide, active chlorine, volatile phenol, petroleum class, anionic surfactants, etc.

Microbial indicators

Total coliform, total bacteria, fecal coliform, microcystin-LR, etc.


other service
Marine ecological survey, workplace physical factor detection, product hazardous substance detection, chemical analysis laboratory planning and construction services, research and development of non-standard methods, etc.

Marine Ecological Survey



Seawater Chemical Analysis




intertidal organisms


primary productivity

chlorophyll a

secondary productivity

workplace objects
Physical factor detection

high temperature



Power frequency electric field

UV radiation

UHF radiation

high frequency electromagnetic field

laser radiation

Product Hazardous Substance Detection












Hexavalent chromium

polybrominated biphenyls

Polybrominated diphenyl ethers