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Product safety testing


Product safety testing

Service area:
According to relevant standards, the samples sent by customers are tested for seven major risk factors: electric shock, energy-related hazards, fire, heat-related hazards, mechanical hazards, radiation, and chemical hazards, and a test report is issued;
Assist customers in eliminating security risks during the product design stage. Such as circuit clearance, creepage distance, safety isolation, etc.; evaluate structural design to avoid huge losses in mold modification;
Communicate with the certification body on behalf of the client, and perform the application document work on behalf of the client, which can save the application time and reduce the trouble for the client;
Assist the customer to deal with the problems arising from the factory inspection and coach the customer's factory to review related matters;
Assist manufacturers to conduct SAFETY personnel training;
Consulting on SAFETY regulations and standards in various countries;
1. Household appliances
Electrical accessories product testing and certification scope
■Switches and controllers
■Extrusion class
■Coupler class
■Connector class
service items
1. Test ability and qualification scope (part)
2. Supplements from other countries
Second, the battery
battery test range