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BQB Bluetooth Qualification Certification


BQB Bluetooth Qualification Certification

BQB Frequently Asked Questions and Precautions
BQB full name: BluetoothQualificationBody, we generally call it Bluetooth qualification certification, the product has Bluetooth function and the Bluetooth logo (Bluetoothlogo) is marked on the appearance of the product, which must be certified by Bluetooth BQB.
Applicants for BQB certification must be members of BluetoothSIG. Log in to the SIG website and register to become a member for free. The membership categories and fees are as follows:
》What will happen if you don’t do BQB? Audit and Penalty Rules
Register to apply to become a SIG member  
Adopter member Associate Member Small Associate Member Large Associate Member  
No annual fee, need to buy a DID for $9600 Need to pay annual fee, need to buy a DID for $4800 If your company's annual revenue is less than $100 million, the annual fee is $9000 per year If your company's annual revenue exceeds $100 million, the annual fee is $42,000 per year  

Impact of Standard Deprecation and Revocation


deprecated standard revocation standard
Certified products are on sale


not allowed
New Qualification Listings not allowed not allowed
new reference column name allow not allowed
Add the product model to the original column name allow not allowed

Update the assessment date of the original listing

not allowed not allowed
Special note: The abandonment or withdrawal of the above standards does not affect the certified products.
The product is still valid, can be produced and sold normally, the current active Bluetooth version is 4.2 to 5.3
  "our service
1) Test: A full set of Bluetooth qualification tests
2) Certification: One-stop service for Bluetooth qualification testing and certification
3) Consultation: Consultation and assistance for BluetoothSIG members and DID purchase
4) Cycle: Familiar with multiple brands of chips, the cycle is fast, and can provide customers with reasonable suggestions for early debugging and later rectification
5) Equipment: Bluetooth BQTF test system and application layer test suite approved by the International Bluetooth Technology Alliance (BluetoothSIG)