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Chongqing Laboratory

Chongqing Laboratory

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LCS Testing Shenzhen (Chongqing) Company has a reliability laboratory. The laboratory has an electric heating blast drying oven, a constant temperature water bath, an automatic solid density meter, a linear wear resistance testing machine, a double-column computerized tensile testing machine, a paint film impactor tester, a pencil hardness tester, and an automatic intelligent salt spray test. machine, constant temperature and humidity test box, gloss meter, colorimeter, push-pull force meter, standard light source color light box, Rockwell hardness tester and other equipment. In addition to its own laboratory, the company also maintains long-term in-depth cooperation with testing institutions such as SGS, ITS, Chongqing Vehicle Inspection Institute and China Automobile Research Institute.



Main Laboratory

reliability laboratory



Main test areas

Automotive electronic appliances (wiring harnesses, lights, meters, etc.), automotive interior and exterior trim (dashboards, rearview mirrors, bumpers, sunroofs, carpets, ceilings, etc.), body and accessories, automotive materials, consumer electronics, etc.



Main test ability

Hardness, tensile, bending, impact, melt index, heat distortion temperature, coating thickness, gloss, scratch resistance, linear friction, chemical resistance, low temperature catalysis and other material tests.
Reliability test categories include high and low temperature, temperature and humidity cycle, rapid temperature change, temperature shock, salt spray, vibration, mechanical shock, etc.



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Address: 2nd Floor, No. 2 Factory Building, Yinliang Industrial Park, No. 739, Baiyun Avenue, Bishan District, Chongqing