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Shenzhen Fuyong Laboratory

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The main business of LCS Environmental Laboratory is ecological environment testing, which has passed the measurement certification (CMA), and actively expands occupational health, food testing and other fields. The laboratory is now equipped with Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission Spectrometer (ICAP7000), Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AA-6880), Ion Chromatograph (CIC-D100), Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer (AFS-8520), Phase Chromatography (Gc2030), Gas Chromatograph Chromatography mass spectrometer (GCMS-QP2010Plus)...and other hundreds of testing and sampling instruments, can provide the society with environmental testing services, indoor air quality testing services, environmental impact assessment acceptance, civil construction project completion acceptance and other analysis services.



Main Laboratory

Environmental Laboratory



Accreditation obtained

CMA authorized, member unit of Shenzhen Environmental Monitoring Association, permanent vice president unit of Guangdong Environmental Monitoring Association



Main test areas

Environmental impact assessment monitoring, enterprise self-acceptance inspection, enterprise pollutant discharge permit self-monitoring (annual/quarterly/monthly), enterprise pollutant discharge accounting inspection, three wastes inspection report required for application for system certification (ISO9000/ISO14000, etc.), application for government cleaner production, Three waste testing reports, soil survey monitoring and soil self-testing required for awards such as green enterprises



Main service items

Water and Wastewater:

(109 items of GB 3838-2002 standard for surface water are complete, a total of 624 items)
The detection objects of water and wastewater are mainly industrial wastewater, domestic wastewater, surface water (rivers, lakes and reservoirs), groundwater (well water), farmland irrigation water, drinking water sources, and atmospheric precipitation.
Common pollutants:
Physical and chemical indicators, inorganic pollutants, comprehensive indicators of nutrients and organic pollution, metals and their compounds, organic pollutants, bacteria, etc.


Air and Exhaust (180 items):

The detection objects of air and waste gas are mainly ambient air, indoor air, boiler/kiln waste gas, production process centralized treatment of organized waste gas, unorganized waste gas (in the factory, outside the factory boundary), oil fume / oil mist in the catering industry, etc.

Common pollutants:
Particulate matter, metals and their compounds, inorganic pollutants, organic pollutants, etc.


Soils and Sediments (365 items):

Soil testing mainly includes farmland soil, construction site soil, and accident-contaminated soil. Sediment refers to the sediment, silt, urban sludge, etc. deposited under the surface water system.

Common pollutants:
Physical and chemical indicators, inorganic pollutants and nutrients, metal pollutants, organic pollutants, etc.


Noise and Vibration (10 items):

Noise detection capabilities include: construction site noise, industrial enterprise boundary noise, social life noise, environmental noise, environmental vibration, etc.


Solid waste (80 items):

The detection objects of solid waste are mainly solid and semi-solid waste materials that pollute the environment generated in production, construction, daily life and other activities, including urban domestic waste, industrial solid waste, mineral waste, agricultural waste, etc.
Waste hazard (test items):
Physical properties, corrosiveness, leaching toxicity (metals), etc.



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