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Ningbo Laboratory

Ningbo Laboratory

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LCS Testing Ningbo Branch has EMC laboratory, safety laboratory, optical performance and energy efficiency laboratory, life aging laboratory, dustproof and waterproof laboratory. The laboratory has standard 966 anechoic chamber, shielding chamber, lightning surge, power frequency magnetic field, three-dimensional sky ring, static electricity, harmonic flicker and other EMC testing sites and related equipment. At the same time, it is equipped with photometer, 2m diameter integrating sphere, stroboscope, Japan Ganga 310 power meter and other optical test equipment, which can provide customers with comprehensive safety regulations, EMC, optical performance, energy efficiency and other aspects of electronic appliances and lighting products. Three-dimensional testing and certification services. Luxshare Ningbo Branch will work with the group headquarters to build the largest, most professional and most comprehensive lighting testing center in China. In 2021, the company will set up a chemical laboratory, which will focus on providing environmental protection testing and services for products in the electrical and electronic fields.



Main Laboratory

Safety laboratory, electromagnetic compatibility laboratory, chemical laboratory



Accreditation obtained

CNAS authorization, CMA authorization



Main service areas

Comprehensive testing and certification of lighting fixtures, safety regulations for consumer electronic and electrical products, EMC testing certification, chemical testing services for sports and leisure and light industrial products



Main service items

Ca135, Ca80, IC-4, IKXX, IPXX, LM79/80/82/84, ISTMT, Tm21, CEC, DOE, ERP, GEMS, MEPS, Blue Light Hazard Analysis, SASO2870, SASO2902, etc.



Contact information

Tel: 0574-8790 8011

Address: Floor 1-2, Building 037, No. 166, Jinghua Road, Ningbo High-tech Zone, Zhejiang Province