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Shenzhen Gongming Laboratory

Shenzhen Gongming Laboratory

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Luxshare Testing Shenzhen (Gongming) laboratory mainly established electromagnetic compatibility EMC laboratory, safety laboratory, lamp and light source performance and energy efficiency laboratory, life aging laboratory, intelligent wireless laboratory, dustproof and waterproof laboratory, reliable materials The laboratory is equipped with advanced vertical photometer, 2m diameter integrating sphere, Lm80 life accelerated aging test system, luminance meter and other optical equipment, which can provide customers with lighting products for color, light efficiency, light distribution, electrical At the same time, it can also complete the relevant energy efficiency life test of lamps and lanterns and LM80 test of LED lamp beads through LM-79, LM-82 and other tests. Southern Luxshare Testing is committed to creating the largest and most professional lighting testing experiment in China. room.



Main Laboratory

Safety Lab, Electromagnetic Compatibility Lab, Energy Efficiency Lab



Accreditation obtained

National High-tech Enterprise, National Metrology Certification CMA Accredited Laboratory, China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment CNAS Accredited Laboratory, US National Laboratory Voluntary Accreditation Program NVLAP (Laboratory Code: 600112-0) Accredited Laboratory, EPA Accredited Energy Star Energy Star Accredited Lamp Laboratory, California Energy Efficiency CEC Accredited Testing Laboratory, American DLC Accredited Laboratory, Member of North American Lighting Engineering Association IES, Singapore Testing Accreditation Laboratory, UL Authorized Testing Laboratory, LED Lamps South China Designated Testing Laboratory, Germany TUV/Intertek/Nemko/DEKRA authorized laboratory, China, Hong Kong, Australia and other lighting energy efficiency accreditation laboratories, Saudi Arabia light source/lamp energy efficiency LP accreditation laboratory, Jordan energy efficiency accreditation laboratory, Shenzhen SME product testing public service platform



Main service areas

Certification of various lighting products and LED lighting products:

European ERP certification, North American DLC certification, ENERGY STAR certification, Australian VEET certification and other energy efficiency subsidy certification application services;

Security certification and customs clearance certification in various countries:

Ul certification, CB certification, ENEC certification, Australian safety certification, FCC certification, CE certification, PVOC certification, KUAS certification, COC compliance certification, IECEE certification, SABER certification, BIS certification, etc.



Main service items

Ca135, CA80, IC-4/IC-F, IK/IP, AS/NZS 2293.3, LM79/80/82/84, ISTMT, Tm21, CEC, DOE, ERP, GEMS, MEPS, Blue Light Hazard Analysis, SASO2870, SASO2902 Wait



Contact information

Tel: 0755-2987 1520

Address: Floor 1-2, Block B, Building B, Zhongyu Green High-tech Industrial Park, Wenge Road, Gongming Street, Guangming New District, Shenzhen