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Shenzhen Shajing Laboratory

Shenzhen Shajing Laboratory

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LCS Testing Shenzhen (Shajing) Company has a testing laboratory for chemical consumer products. It owns several (sets) large-scale modern analytical testing instruments (LC-MS-MS, GC-MS, GC-FID, AFS, AAS) under the brands of Thermo Fisher, Agilent Agilent, Waters, and Shimadzu. Experienced and relevant professional testing and analysis team to achieve one-stop product testing services.



Main Laboratory

chemistry lab



Accreditation obtained

CNAS authorization, CPSC authorization



Main test areas

Electronic and electrical hazardous substance testing, composition analysis, shoe material hazardous substance testing, textile hazardous substance testing, toy physics, combustion, hazardous substance testing, food contact material testing, electronic cigarettes, e-liquid, smoke testing, coatings, inks, paints, Automotive ELV&VOC



Contact information

Tel: 0755-2335 3209

Address: Unit F-G, 23rd Floor, Kechuang Building, Quanzhi Innovation and Technology Park, Shajing, Baoan District, Shenzhen