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EMC Labs

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The test instruments are advanced and perfected by the German Rohde & Schwarz, German Schwarzbeck, Switzerland EMTEST, Switzerland Luethi, etc., which are manufactured and built by well-known international companies. The technical team is highly efficient by a number of years professionals and experts advisers engaged in EMC testing, commissioning, certification for the vast number of electronics manufacturers to provide from the PCB Layout, circuit parameter calculation, component specification selection to the whole system integration, product testing, countermeasures, certification one-stop service.


EMC Service Scope

EMI testing/countermeasures/report;
Electromagnetic sensitivity (EMS) test/countermeasures/report;
Product certification service, obtained national EMC certification;
Assist in the EMC design of the products for the manufacturers;
Assist the manufacturer in the training of EMC personnel;
National EMC regulations and standard consultation;
Laboratory space for rent.