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Environmental Laboratory

Environmental Laboratory

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According to domestic and international standards to provide environmental and reliability testing, covering the climate and environmental testing and comprehensive environmental testing of the vast majority of projects for customers to quickly find product defects and analysis of the causes of defects to help customers improve product quality.

▶Service Area

Climate and Environment:
High temperature test, low temperature test, rapid temperature change test, hot and cold impact test, temperature cycle test, damp heat test, low pressure test, salt spray test, composite salt spray test, xenon lamp aging test, UV aging test, solar radiation test, waterproof test , Dust test, shell protection test, ozone test, mold test, gas corrosion test, high pressure cooking test, condensation test.

●Mechanical environment:
a. sinusoidal vibration test;
Random vibration test; impact test; collision test; centrifugal constant acceleration test; rocking test; dumping and overturning test; bounce test; impact test; free drop test.
b. Multi-factor comprehensive trials combined with mechanical environmental factors include:
Temperature, humidity comprehensive test; temperature, humidity, vibration comprehensive test; temperature, humidity, low pressure, vibration comprehensive test transport package hexagonal drum test; vertical impact drop test; horizontal impact test; stacking test; pressure test; material dynamic characteristics Test and so on.