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Battery Lab

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LCS focuses on research of battery standards of different countries, as well as the new trends and developments. It develops and maintains good relationships with these international standards institutions. LCS laboratories keeps in line with all standards requirements, and provides industry best testing equipment and instruments to ensure that the diverse needs of customers battery tests are met. LCS provides a one-stop shop for testing and certification services for battery manufacturers, distributors and importers allowing them to quickly and easily gain access to the multinational market.

Service Scope:


1)Transportation safety testing services
2)International certification services
3)Safety certification services
4)Environmental testing services
5)Reliability and commissioned testing services


6)UN38.3 transport appraisal
7)CB, CQC certification
8)BIS, PSE, KC certification
9)BSM, CTIA certification
10)CE, FCC certification, etc

Scope of Products:

Primary cell (battery) :
lithium manganese batteries, zinc silver batteries, alkaline zinc-manganese batteries, button batteries;

Portable secondary lithium ion battery
Secondary nickel cadmium battery, secondary nickel-metal hydride batteries;

Cell phone lithium batteries
Lithium polymer batteries, lithium ion battery;

Small secondary battery:
laptop battery ,digital camera batteries, camera batteries, all kinds of cylindrical batteries, wireless communications, portable DVD battery CD and MP3 player battery, tablets battery, etc

Lead-acid battery:
Car starting with lead-acid battery Fixed type lead-acid batteries

Battery Secondary power:
power vehicle batteries, electric vehicle batteries, power tools battery, hybrid vehicle batteries.