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LCS Energy efficiency laboratory of lamps and lanterns with advanced vertical luminosity distribution of energy efficiency of lamps and lanterns, 2 m of the diameter of the integrating sphere, LM80 life accelerated aging test system, optical equipment, can provide customers with testing including color of lamps and lanterns, light efficiency light distribution and electrical test, at the same time also can get through the LM - 79, the LM - 82 and other related test complete lamps and lanterns lamp life of energy efficiency testing and LED lamp bead LM80 test.

LCS Energy efficiency laboratory of lamps and lanterns can provide you with a multinational energy efficiency test (such as the energy star Energystar, CEC,MEPS,ERP, China energy efficiency label, Hong Kong energy efficiency label)


Optical range of lamps and lanterns
Energy efficiency services Energy efficiency products
● The light flux measurement

● Color rendering index

● Correlation color temperature

● The optical color comprehensive analysis for LED
● Lamp space with light detection

● Light distribution

● Life test

● Lamp power factor
● The power consumption of the lamp

● Average efficiency

●  No Load Power

● Power factor
ITE equipment:


Audio and video equipment:

TV, DVD, etc.